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Better late than never?

Better Late Than Never?--Latin Americans are worried about an invasion. Asians fear a resurgence of tradition. The English and North Americans are dismayed by "fads" that just won't go away. All together, Catholics representing twenty five countries convened in Rome in June to discuss how to protect their religion and keep from losing followers to New Age spiritualities. Among the examples listed in a report on the problem were the Jewish kabbalah, the Enneagram personality-reading cull, ancient Egyptian occult practices, Sufism, Druid practices, Celtic Christianity, medieval alchemy, Renaissance hermeticism, yoga, and Zen Buddhism. Some Catholics working on the problems are advocating a dialogue with New Agers similar to that being conducted with Muslims, while others, including the pope, view it as a matter of right or wrong.

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Title Annotation:Side Lines
Publication:Free Inquiry
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Date:Aug 1, 2004
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