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Better coffee for all is theme of European Cup event.

Better coffee for all is theme of European Cup Event

Cimbali, a leading professional coffee machine manufacturer, reports it has celebrated another year's work in hotel schools throughout Europe by organizing the second "La Cimbali" European Cup. The event took place in Milan, Italy this past summer and capped another year in which Cimbali's technical engineers travelled some 94,000 kilometers and spent 180 days with bar course students throughout Europe, grounding them in the main points of coffee professionalism and the correct maintenance of equipment.

The on-going program provides participating schools with a lecturer, portable video display unit, video tapes and booklets (translated into six languages) and the possibility to install a coffee machine, coffee grinder and water softener in the hosting institution. It is to further promote this educational experience that the competition of skill takes palce at the European Cup level.

For the final of the La Cimbali European Cup, national teams were selected from Germany, Netherlands, France, Austria, Belgium, and Italy, and gathered in Milan to present their nations traditional specialties served to the public in a coffee shop or bar during the course of a typical day. Representing Austria, the students were from Vienna, for Germany from Heidelberg, for Belgium from Spa, Koksijde and St. Ghislain, for Holland from Amsterdam, for Fance from Avesne sur Helpe, and for Italy from Milan, Rome and Vieste. The presentations were held at the Vespucci Hotel school in Milan before about 100 of the school's students as well as a number of guests from trade and industry.

The French team recreated the atmosphere of a bistro with a "petit noir" (as the French call espresso) accompanied by the classic baguette. The Belgians and the Dutch presented vigorous cocktails with coffee. Heidelberg proposed "rhudesaimer" (sweetened coffee with brandy flambeed and topped with cream). Vienna offered "einspanner," black coffee with cream, "kapuziner," espresso with cream and an accompaniment of sacher torte and other Austrian pastries.

Finally Italy, represented by the varying regional tastes of the northern, central and southern areas, illustrated the different ways of serving the typically Italian small cup of espresso - smooth in Milan, shorter and stronger in Rome.

The considerable number of trade operators present at the event was particularly encouraging to Cimbali, as the company's sponsorship of the hotel schools program is meant to help bring out-of-home coffee back to the level of quality it merits. The problem critical in recent years. Italy, for example, proud land of espresso and cappuccino, has witnessed a decline in out-of-home service over the past few years, resulting in increasing instances of cold cups, dirty saucers, and undrinkable coffee.

The educational program for hotel schools, coupled with the European Cup concept, indicate the level of Cimbali concern for the quality of coffee preparation and presentation throughout Europe.

PHOTO : The German team of hotel school students presenting their national coffee drinks during the La Cimbali 2nd European Cup competition held this past summer in Milan.

PHOTO : The purpose of the La Cimbali European Cup is to promote improved coffee preparation and service throughout Europe. The event is part of an ongoing educational program which the company pursues through hotel and bar schools in several nations.
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Title Annotation:La Cimbali 2nd European Cup competition
Publication:Tea & Coffee Trade Journal
Date:Nov 1, 1989
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