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Better back in the day; Brian Barwick's BBrruunncchh SSuunnddaayy Food for thought from sport's top table.

Byline: Brain Barwick

OVER 40 years ago, I would often find myself hurtling out of the classroom on the 'D' of the ding of the school bell when it came to queuing for tickets for any forthcoming big match.

A midweek bus ride over to Anfield and then literally hours and hours of standing in line up Priory Road as a crocodile of people slowly, very slowly, made their way towards the solitary pair of windows at the stadium from which the tickets were paid for and distributed.

It would take hours.

By then, you knew the people queuing alongside you pretty damn well.

You'd heard which Spanish holiday resort not to go to, that there was a sale of overcoats at Blacklers, and that if you were free 'Bobby was going to celebrate his birthday at the Babalou that night - and everybody was invited.' I drag all this back up because I got a text from my son, Jack, on Monday morning telling me he had just got his ticket on the internet for the much-anticipated Froch/Groves fight at Wembley Stadium.

He, and 59,999 other people, had all got their precious tickets - and all in one hour.

And in doing it, he, and they, hadn't had to move a single inch from their desks or wherever.

That's 60,000 tickets sold in one hour.

I envy him really - but in my day, you did have a real sense of achievement when finally having that precious piece of card clasped tightly in your hand and with the added bonus of possibly tracking down a cheap new overcoat the following day!
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Mar 16, 2014
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