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Bette Midler Classic 'Beaches' Is Being Remade.

The fever has broken. The president has spoken. The Secretary of State has spoken. The world might not collapse after all. And even if it does, there is one small reason to go on living: Lifetime has announced that its remake of the classic 1988 tearjerker Beaches (directed, lest we forget, by the recently passed and much beloved Garry Marshall), is beginning production this August. And for Bette Midler's role as CC Bloom, the brassy aspiring singer who lent her name to Edinburgh's most famous gay barand made a star of the young Mayim Bialik, whose rendition of "The Glory of Love" was the single greatest influence on my third grade year, much to the chagrin of those around methe network has chosen its star: Adele Dazeem!

Oh, excuse me, I meant Idina Menzel! (I'm sorry, but that joke will never stop being funny to me.)

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Author:Shukert, Rachel
Publication:Tablet Magazine
Date:Jul 29, 2016
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