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Betraying Brum and its heritage; VIEWS.

THAT lugubrious prophet of doom, council leader Sir Albert Bore, has warned that Birmingham's swimming pools are under threat of closure.

At far greater threat is the reputation of Birmingham as a forward looking city with a proud tradition of caring for its citizens which includes providing facilities giving its youngsters the opportunity to learn to swim and providing our disabled citizens with a suitable and vital form of exercise, when exercise such as canal side walking and tennis are not an option. Privatisation will inevitably lead to a hike in prices once the private sector have established a monopoly of Birmingham's leisure centres.

Sir Albert can stick his pseudo consultation exercise where the sun does not shine and if he wants a meaningful debate about the council's precarious financial state and where savings should be made he should publish a comprehensive breakdown of every penny coming in and out of the city's coffers to allow an informed judgement to be made.

At present the only options for the majority of Birmingham's swimming pools appears to be privatisation or closure, but another option is to leave this vital social amenity alone and make the savings somewhere else. Northfield swimming baths opened in May 1937 and what a magnificent building it is.

The building was designed by Henry Simister for the Birmingham Baths Committee as a municipal baths for the recreation of the public and generations of Brummies have learned how to swim in this wonderful pool. To close or privatise this pool would be an act of betrayal and would be a stain on the city's image. Peter Henrick, Northfield
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
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Date:Jun 10, 2013
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