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Betrayed by double whammy tax attack.

Byline: Ian Waugh

Sir - In a "tax and don't spend" double whammy, Boris Johnson has attacked pensioners and the ordinary working man and woman to pay for disastrous Westminster policies.

The suspension of the state pension triple lock is a betrayal of pensioners who are among the world's poorest.

The triple lock was introduced in 2010 to ensure that pension increases were guaranteed to rise by at least the rate of inflation, average wage increases, or 2.5 per cent. But not, apparently, when it doesn't fit the ever-fluid Westminster agenda.

Not satisfied with attacking pensioners' incomes, he also now wants to (disproportionately) increase tax on the lowest earners.

National Insurance is to rise by 1.25 per cent to raise PS12 billion.

Because National Insurance kicks in at a notably lower level than income tax, this hike will disproportionately affect the young and lower paid - who start to pay

National Insurance at a level of earnings about PS3,000 less than the income tax "personal allowance".

I'd write to my MP, Alister Jack, to ask how he feels about these attacks on the incomes of the least well off but - having seen how he excuses the effects of Westminster Brexit on our local farming, fishing, hospitality and other sectors - it just doesn't seem worth the effort.


Political leaders Prime Minister Boris Johnson with local MP and Scottish Secretary Alister Jack in London

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Author:Ian Waugh
Publication:Dumfries and Galloway Standard (Dumfriesshire, Scotland)
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:Sep 14, 2021
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