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Lower Mass Bound on the W' Mass via Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay in a 3-3-1 Model. Santos, A.C.O.; Vasconcelos, P. Report Jan 1, 2018 5569
Configuration mixing in particle decay and reaction. Elmaghraby, Elsayed K. Report Jul 1, 2017 5586
Present status and future perspectives of the NEXT experiment. Report Jan 1, 2014 12755
Challenges in double beta decay. Cremonesi, Oliviero; Pavan, Maura Report Jan 1, 2014 33306
Monte Carlo study of the abBA experiment: detector response and physics analysis. Frlez, E. Jul 1, 2005 1481
Simulation of charged particle trajectories in the neutron decay correlation experiment abBA. Calarco, John Jul 1, 2005 1957
Development of a position sensitive neutron detector with high efficiency and energy resolution for use at high-flux beam sources. Greene, Geoff L. Jul 1, 2005 1896
The T-odd R and D correlations in beta decay. Herczeg, Peter Jul 1, 2005 5807
Search for time reversal violating effects: R-correlation measurement in neutron decay. Zejma, J. Jul 1, 2005 2060
Two coils resonant Ramsey's method for the measurement of time reversal invariance violation in neutron transmission. Aldushchenkov, A.V. Jul 1, 2005 3304
On the way to experimental test of the time reversal invariance in the nuclear reactions. Kim, Guinyun Jul 1, 2005 3608
A Ramsey's method with pulsed neutrons for a T-violation experiment. Skoy, V. Jul 1, 2005 1834
First ever storage of ultracold neutrons in a magnetic trap made of permanent magnets. Kovrizhnykh, N.A. Jul 1, 2005 2359
Neutron lifetime experiment based on an accordion-like UCN storage volume coated with "low temperature Fomblin". Fierlinger, P. Jul 1, 2005 3448
A superconducting magnet UCN trap for precise neutron lifetime measurements. Zimmer, O. Jul 1, 2005 1365
On the measurement of the neutron lifetime using ultracold neutrons in a vacuum quadrupole trap. Penttila, S.I. Jul 1, 2005 1932
Chaotic scattering and escape times of marginally trapped ultracold neutrons. Huffman, P.R. Jul 1, 2005 3621
The beta-, neutrino- and proton-asymmetry in neutron [beta]-decay. Soldner, T. Jul 1, 2005 2561
Project of neutron beta-decay A-asymmetry measurement with relative accuracy of (1-2) X [10.sup.-3]. Varlamov, V. Jul 1, 2005 2371
Measurement of neutron decay parameters--the abBA experiment. Jones, G.L. Jul 1, 2005 2452
Determination of the electron-antineutrino angular correlation coefficient [a.sub.0] in unpolarized neutron [beta]-decay. Byrne, J. Jul 1, 2005 2732
Proposed measurement of the beta-neutrino correlation in neutron decay. Yerozolimsky, B.G. Jul 1, 2005 2690
On the measurement of the electron-neutrino correlation in neutron beta decay. Bowman, J. David Jul 1, 2005 1715
Radiative neutron [beta]-decay in effective field theory. Zhang, Chi Jul 1, 2005 2160
Search for radiative [beta]-decay of the free neutron. Severijns, N. Jul 1, 2005 2765
Detecting the radiative decay mode of the neutron. Byrne, J. Jul 1, 2005 1868
Detector development for the abBA experiment. Wilburn, W.S. Jul 1, 2005 1720
A backscatter suppressed electron detector for the measurement of "a". Mostovoy, Yu. Jul 1, 2005 2082
Investigation of solid [D.sub.2] for UCN sources. Zmeskal, J. Jul 1, 2005 1553
Conference summary. Dubbers, Dirk Jul 1, 2005 1282
Papers and posters presented at the April 2004 International Conference on Precision Measurements with Slow Neutrons at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Nico, Jeff Jul 1, 2005 314
Precision measurements with slow neutrons: April 5-7, 2004. Calendar Jul 1, 2005 2227
Radiative corrections for neutron decay and search for new physics. Myhrer, F. Jul 1, 2005 2667
Standard model treatment of the radiative corrections to neutron [beta]-decay. Bunatian, G.G. Jul 1, 2005 3129
Measurement of the neutron lifetime by counting trapped protons. Van Gestel, J. Jul 1, 2005 2750
Measurement of the neutron lifetime using a gravitational trap and a low-temperature Fomblin coating. Zherebtsov, O. Jul 1, 2005 2851
Determination of the neutron lifetime using magnetically trapped neutrons. Huffman, P.R. Jul 1, 2005 2465
Beta-particle energies. Asimov, Isaac Reference Source Jan 1, 1994 130
Unraveling the details of beta decay. Jan 11, 1992 239
Double-beta decay caught in the act. Weisburd, Stefi Sep 5, 1987 637

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