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Bestseller Makes Unique Bulgarian Gift for Dilma Rousseff at Inauguration.

Two prominent namesakes a Maxim Behar from Bulgaria and Maxim Behar from Brazil a are going to present Brazil's new President, Bulgaria-descended Dilma Rousseff, with the bestseller "111 Rules on Facebook" at her inauguration.

The first woman to become President of Brazil, 62-year-old Dilma Rousseff, whose father was Bulgarian immigrant Petar Rusev, will be receiving a few unique Bulgaria-related gifts at her inauguration on January 1, 2011, and the Bulgarian bookA "111 Rules on Facebook" will be one of them.A A

"111 Rules on Facebook", a bilingual edition (originally published with sections in both English and Bulgarian) dubbed in Bulgaria asA the "Bible about life", was authored in 2009 by Bulgarian PR expert, businessman, and former journalist Maxim Behar, and became an instant hit.

It is on Facebook that Bulgarian Maxim BeharA found and befriendedA his namesake from Brazil, publisher Maxim Behar from Sao Paulo, whose family also turned out to have Bulgarian roots.

Brazilian publisher Maxim Behar will be among the guests at Dilma Rousseff's presidential inauguration, and will present her with "111 Rules on Facebook" since he and his Bulgarian namesake decided the book would make a unique Bulgarian gift for Dilma.

Thus, Dilma will receive an original Bulgarian edition of the bestseller, days before the book isA released in Portuguese in Brazil in January 2011 by the Brazilian publisher Maxim Behar.

"I know my Brazilian namesake from Facebook, and I know that he has Bulgarian roots. Several months ago he offered to publish the book in Brazil, and we rolled up our sleeves to create an even better edition. Then, several days ago he called me to let me know that he will be present at Dilma's inauguration, and that he wanted to present her with the Bulgarian edition of the book," explained the Bulgarian PR expert Maxim Behar.

"President Rousseff, wishes for 111 months super-successful rule, to be remembered 111 years!" reads the author's dedication to Dilma on the inside of the front cover of the "111 Rules on Facebook" volume to be presented to Dilma byA his Brazilian namesake.

"I picked my namesake's book as a present for Dilma because I really liked, and my publishing house liked it very much as well. I wanted to give Dilma something really special with Bulgaria, which also has some connection with Brazil a just as the book is to be released in Brazil in a few days. If the Brazilian readers like the book, we will find one more common thing between Bulgaria and Brazil, in addition to the roots of our new president a who has Bulgarian roots like myself," explained publisher Maxim Behar, who manages the Leopardo Editora publishing house in Brazil's Sao Paolo.

Bulgarian PR expert Maxim Behar's book is the first book everA written on Facebook. It contains 111 general rules about business and business decisions as well as about general decisions in life that have been invented, modified, or summarized by Behar, who posted one of these rules every morning on his Facebook profile status. In addition to Brazil, Behar's Bible about life is to be published Russia, Poland, Spain, Japan, and Korea. Just as the original Bulgarian edition, each new edition will be bilingual, including the original "111 rules" in English.

"111 Rules on Facebook" has its extension in the internet site where everyone can write their views on life so that "we all create a better and more filled with wisdom book," says the author, who donates all proceeds from the bestseller to the Bulgarian Foundation "For Our Children".

In addition to "111 Rules on Facebook", the other Bulgaria-related gifts that Dilma Rousseff will receive include a replica of a golden deer head from Bulgaria's most famous "Panagyurishte Treasure" from Ancient Thrace, to be present to her by Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, as well as a "family tree" of her Bulgarian ancestors crafted by the Regional History Museum in her father's home town of Gabrovo.
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Date:Dec 30, 2010
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