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Best to grasp offer of [...]; LETTERS.

Best to grasp offer of long deferment WITH, I hope,all due deference to Chris Moncrieff 's talents and his wisdom in providing a column of erudition and wit in the Daily Post (Wednesday) I must disagree with his conclusion that those fortunate enough to populate that distinguished "institution", which he describes as the "elite" of the Westminster Parliament, have taken leave of their senses or are at a point of regaining them ! He does not pay tribute Parliamentarians' role in digging into the facts and consequences both economic, political and internally social resulting from a novel form of political populism known as a "referendum" which did not pretend to set accurate facts or consequences of a Brexit ostensibly restoring the"Great" into Britain" last experienced in the first half of the last century (and in which incidentally no referendum featured) and although trying to cement our Union in a manner admired by Trump, who vowed to make Anerica First.

He can possibly achieve this ambition possessed as he is with the lack of experience of statesmanship and the extreme size and energy of the American economy.

Sound statecraft for the PM, whom he describes as a veritable Mary Poppins, would be to grasp the extended deferment of section 50 which is one of the options offered by the EU.

The UK should contest the European Elections and if possible from within the European Parliament secure the EU constitution to include an item which proscribes any harm to the remaining members on leaving.

Roy Owen, via emal

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
Date:Apr 12, 2019
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