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Best seller died pauper.


Best-selling author Harold Robbins died a pauper with the taxman chasing him.

The prolific novelist made millions to fund a jet-set lifestyle to rival the heroes of his books.

But, just before his death, he told a friend: "Women, my wives, my girlfriends took every cent I've ever earned."

Robbins, who once owned a private jet and had homes in Beverly Hills, Acapulco and the South of France, was living in a tiny bungalow in Palm Springs when he died this month, aged 81.

His ex-wife Grace told a US magazine: "We spent all the money we had. We had an open marriage so our parties were orgies of sex and drugs."

The tax authorities were making three claims against six-times-married Robbins when he died.
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Oct 26, 1997
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