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Best practices in nalytics, business intelligence, & performance management.

Advanced technology capabilities are now ready to deliver on the long forecast "Democratization of Data," or more simply put, making business intelligence (BI) available across the organization, versus being confined to a core of business analysts employing sophisticated tools.

Both the increase in data volumes and the desire for faster insight into information are driving a heightened emphasis on business analytics as a defining trend in 2010. In most progressive organizations, business analytics initiatives are combining the use of information integration, analytics, BI, search, automatic web spiders, data visualization and complex event processing to parse diverse, unstructured and disconnected pieces of data. Even the smallest organizations are beginning to experience the competitive pressure for adopting new tools to solve BI problems more accurately, more quickly, and, increasingly more predictively.

The following special section in Database Trends and Applications, "Best Practices in Analytics, Business Intelligence, & Performance Management," offers six different perspectives on enabling your organization to better "compete on analytics." While many of the most cutting-edge ideas may not be mainstream concepts in your organization yet, the push to integrate enterprise data assets in real time to fuel business intelligence delivered to multiple users is gathering momentum and raising the competitive bar. One example of this is the rising tide of data virtualization in the enterprise market. A Unisphere Research study of Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG) members recently documented that 47% of IOUG members today have virtualized their data, and that 10% of those respondents had already virtualized the majority of their production databases. Each organization has its own priorities, timelines, and security concerns, and will make its own technology decisions on how to achieve broader advantage from analytics and BI. This section provides some interesting and innovative ideas for potential directions.

"Best Practices in Analytics, Business Intelligence & Performance Management" is included on the Database Trends and Applications website in the white paper download channel; and it can be accessed through the "Best Practices" image on every page of the site. The PDF version can also be downloaded for retention and reference.

Tom Wilson

President, Database Trends and Applications

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Author:Wilson, Tom
Publication:Database Trends & Applications
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Date:Jun 1, 2010
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