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Best of the rest.

Today: Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway (ITV, 7pm) What''s It All About? As entertaining as they are, it's not Ant and Dec who'll be getting the teenaged girls hot under the collar.

Instead, it'll be the appearance of Justin Bieber, although what he makes of the pair is anybody's guess.

But for the rest of us, there's more fun and frolics thanks to Don't Just Watch the Ads - Win Them, another Ant v Dec challenge and I'm a Celebrity ... Get Out of Me Ear!

Sunday: Secrets of the Stonehenge Skeletons (Channel 4, 8pm) What''s It All About? One of the world's most famous landmarks, Stonehenge is also one of the most mysterious. Each piece of new archaeological evidence unearthed seems to present yet more questions.

This documentary follows the work of Mike Parker Pearson and a research crew as they make a series of discoveries that rewrite the history of the prehistoric monument.

The unearthing of Richard III's skeleton has reawakened our thirst for archaeology, and here we get to see another significant discovery as it happens.

Monday: Broadchurch (ITV, 9pm) What''s It All About? This crime drama got off to a flying start last week.

This week, the police continue trying to find out who might have killed young Danny. Several suspicious items found in the rooms of the victim and his sister Chloe could provide them with some vital clues.

Tuesday: Whale Adventures with Nigel Marven (Five, 8pm) What''s It All About? Nigel Marven is not one for the nine-to-five; he's always out and about, taking trips to far-flung places in search of amazing animal stories.

In his latest adventure he journeys along the Pacific coast of North America from Mexico to Alaska on the trail of a grey whale mother and her newborn calf as they abandon their summer feeding grounds before heading for the icy seas of the Arctic.

He says: "The story of the grey whales is truly awe-inspiring. My life and the lives of many people along the way have been touched by contact with these giant travellers."

Wednesday: Anna & Katy (Channel 4, 10.35pm) What''s It All About? Anna Crilly has already proved to be a gifted comic as Magda, Jack Dee's surly housekeeper on BBC comedy Lead Balloon, while Katy Wix spent years honing her craft on shows such as Extras, Torchwood and Horrible Histories.

This week Martin Kemp joins the fun on a German lottery programme; police officers Lucy and Sonya reveal how powerful the long arm of the law can be, and boozy thespian Bridget Eccles plugs her new movie on Ruby Wax's chat show.

Thursday: Born to be Different (Channel 4, 9pm) What''s It All About? This award-winning documentary series has followed a group of six children born with disabilities, as they face important transitions in their lives.

Zoe was born with arthrogryposis, and had endured numerous operations on her arms and legs, William's tuberous sclerosis has led to complex autism and epilepsy. Shelbie was born with Trisomy 9-P, a life-limiting condition, while Hamish has achondroplasia, otherwise known as dwarfism.

Cameras catch up with the youngsters as they face the move from primary to secondary school, and capture their determination to succeed.

Friday: Graham Parker: Don't Ask Me Questions (BBC Four, 10pm) What''s It All About? Iin 1974, Stiff Records founder Dave Robinson connected Graham Parker with The Rumour.

This documentary explores Parker's remarkable life and career, including his decision to reform The Rumour in 2011.

These are musicians that have seen acts they inspired go above and beyond their own success in the 1970s, so this film, which features contributions from Nick Lowe and Bruce Springsteen, examines their feelings now they're recording again.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Mar 9, 2013
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