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Best of the rest.

The Thick of It (BBC Two, Tonight, 9.45pm) What''s It All About? The world's most poisonous animals are the Box Jellyfish, King Cobra, the Marbled Cone Snail - and Malcolm Tucker..

The leather-skinned spin doctor has become an iconic character; he was also one of the highlights of Oscar-nominated movie version In The Loop.

Following the suicide of a key-worker the truth is obviously about to come out - unless someone lies, creates a diversion or simply pretends to have amnesia.

A Night in With Fanny (More4, Tomorrow, 7.30pm) What''s It All About? More formidable than Gordon Ramsay and more glamorous than Nigella, Fanny Cradock scared the pants off 1970's TV viewers.

Fanny died in 1994, but she's being resurrected as actress and impressionist Debra Stephenson plays her in a cooking extravaganza where top TV chefs attempt her favourite recipes.

More4 hopes the extravaganza will inspire you to donate cash to its Stand Up to Cancer campaign.

Prehistoric Autopsy (BBC Two, Monday, 9pm) What''s It All About? Prehistoric Autopsy sees Professor Alice Roberts and Dr George McGavin joining forces with a team of leading anatomists, anthropologists, archaeologists and special effects gurus to teach us more about one of our closest ancestors.

A Neanderthal's body will be reconstructed to see what it can tell us about how they lived, and just how similar they are to 21st-century humans.

New evidence suggests that the Neanderthals may have turned to cannibalism as they faced extinction.

Painting the Queen - A Portrait of Her Majesty (BBC Four, Tuesday, 10.45pm) What''s It All About? This one-off documentary focuses on Toronto painter Phil Richards who's been asked by the Canadian government to create a portrait of the Queen to mark her 60 years on the throne - but there's a catch. Used to spending a long time with his subjects, he must devise new ways to capture her likeness without her actually being present, including making doll-like sculptures of the monarch.

Good luck with that...

The Removal Men (Five, Wednesday, 8pm) What''s It All About? We're about to meet more families upping sticks and enlisting the help of Pickfords, one of the UK's biggest and best-known house-moving firms.

In this first instalment, the men face the tough challenge of helping a self-confessed hoarder to move, while trouble lurks for a young family as they prepare to move to Scotland . Meanwhile, a thrash metal fan has problems with his beloved guitar in the midst of a relocation to New York.

The Town That Caught Tourette's (C4, Thursday, 9pm) What''s It All About? In October 2011, in Le Roy, a small town in New York, a handful of teenage girls from the same high school began displaying symptoms that looked like they had suddenly developed Tourette's - facial twitching, violent limb gestures and verbal outbursts.

Some theories suggested it had been triggered by a severe psychological trauma.

Here, those who suffered - and in some cases, are still suffering - discuss the situation and what they feel caused their symptoms.

Derren Brown: Apocalypse (C4, Friday, 9pm) What''s It All About? Derren Brown is a master of his game.

His latest mind-boggling feat sees him attempt to convince one person that the planet has been devastated by a catastrophic meteorite strike, that zombies have taken over the land and he is one of a handful of survivors.

The survivor is someone who takes his life for granted, but he won't for much longer, as this meticulously crafted adventure threatens to give him just the wake-up call he needs.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Oct 20, 2012
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