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Best of show: hot products and high tech were the highlights at this year's MINExpo show.

MINExpo 2012, held every four years, concluded a historic run at the Las Vegas Convention Center in September, amassing approximately 850,000 sq. ft. of exhibit space, up 42 percent from its previous high in 2008; and an estimated 50,000 attendees, up about 30 percent from 38,000, four years ago.

Here are some of the products that Rock Products saw on the show floor.

Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco introduced the Pit Viper 311 wide-range rotary blasthole drill to the world at MINExpo 2012. The PV-311 is designed to meet the demands of today's expanding mining market with the proven systems, components and technology of the Pit Viper series.

The Pit Viper 311 is similar to the Pit Viper 351 with its single-pass drilling but the Pit Viper 311 has the capacity to drill holes deeper to a maximum depth of 125 ft. (38.1 m). Drilling up to 65-ft. (19.8-m) clean holes with a live tower can reduce non-drilling time and, combined with taller benches, can greatly increase production capability.

The Pit Viper 311 is the first release of the all new Pit Viper 310 series. Atlas Copco Engineering Project Manager Iain Peebles said the PV-311 offers a narrow range of hole sizes 9 to 12.25 in., which fills in the gap between the hole ranges of the Pit Viper 351 and the Pit Viper 270.

"We've incorporated a lot of existing technology that's proven successful on our other Pit Viper models," Peebles said, adding that there have been some upgrades. "One of the things we're most excited about on the PV-310 series project is our new cab. Now you have a fully adjustable chair with joystick and cab controls. We've elevated the cab above the deck to give the operator a better view."

The Pit Viper 311 offers drive train options with both Tier 4 and Tier 2 diesel engine alternatives. The tower has an interchangeable unit, structurally similar to the Pit Viper 351, but is deeper to accommodate larger sheaves for either single-pass or multi-pass applications. Weldments have also been improved, including a ladder that provides access to decking in the tower above the rod changer when the tower is horizontal.

Bits can be changed above the Pit Viper 311 rig's deck even while single-pass drilling 65-ft.-deep (19.8-m-deep) holes so operators will have their eyes on making and breaking the connection each and every time.

Atlas Copco,



Boart Longyear

Boart Longyear showed the 10UMX bit, the latest addition to the Ultramatrix (UMX) family of diamond coring bits. The 10UMX is a high-performance diamond coring bit with the freest-cutting matrix available, enabling the bit to penetrate the very hardest rock formations in extreme conditions.

"The 10UMX diamond coring bit completes the product range for our award-winning family of UMX bits, providing a hit for any type of ground condition encountered," said Matt Baird, global product manager for Boart Longyear. "We have tested these bills in all regions of the globe and take great pride in providing drillers the most advanced line of diamond bits in the industry to maximize their productivity."

UMX bits are engineered to outperform existing bit technology in a wide range of drilling conditions and ground formations. UMX bits use advanced metallurgical formulas to provide increased penetration capabilities, turning easily from one ground formation to another. The optimized life of the UMX bits translates to less tripping and increased productivity.

UMX bits also utilize Boart Longyear's patented Stage waterway design. The geometry of these windows sustains the integrity of the bit through the entire life of the bit, allowing for a variety of crown heights including the original 25 mm, providing maximum bit life. The Twin-Taper design dramatically improves surface flushing, forcing debris through the windows while keeping the bit face clear and reinforcing the inner diameter.

Boart Longyear,



Bridgestone Commercial Solutions (BCS), a division of Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, now offers a suite of products and services designed to increase a mine's productivity, and reduce their costs with a constant regard to safety.

Bridgestone Mining Solutions (BMS) combines tire sales and repair with tire management and retreading to address every phase of a mine's tire-related needs.

"In talking to our mining customers, they told us what they need most is support in keeping their people and their work environment safe, help with increasing productivity, and assistance in driving costs out of their operations," said Kurt Danielson, president, Bridgestone Commercial Solutions. "Although tires are our main product, we realize that service is key to increasing our customers' uptime. BMS is a response to what our customers wanted and needed: a total solution that speaks to each phase of tire life, helping them save money and increase productivity."

Bridgestone Mining Solutions include:

* Tire sales--offering world-class tires with proven performance utilizing the latest technology.

* Consultation and support--offering a range of services in North America, assisting with everything from strategic planning to technical support.

* Repairs--seven repair centers are located throughout North America.

* Rims & Wheels--offering a number of rims and wheels, in addition to the line of underground mining wheels the company manufactures.

* Tire Management- Tracking tires, rims, retreads, repairs--its whole suite of solutions--to provide best-in-class reporting.

* Retreading & Sustainability--Environmental responsibility is a fundamental part of its business model. They offer retreading as a recycling solution and hope to announce further Innovations in the near future.

* B-TAG--its newest solution--a tire temperature and pressure-monitoring system that helps automate a mine's tire maintenance practices.

Bridgestone Mining Solutions,



Caterpillar introduced the new MD5150 Track Drill, a customer-inspired design that delivers top-of-class power and airflow for fast, efficient drilling of holes up to 6 in. (152 mm) in diameter. Benefiting from more than 50 years of track drill design, the MD5150 incorporates a proven rock drill, patented carousel rod changer, new cab and many other features that boost productivity and reduce operating costs.

The MDS150 dramatically reduces setup time, thanks to its innovative carousel rod changer, the company said. The Cat design holds six rods and accommodates multiple lengths and diameters of drill steel. Powerful dual-rod grippers and a unique gate design let the rod and gate move simultaneously, reducing cycle time.

The rod changer is supported by a sturdy feed and heavy-duty 8-ft. (2.4-m) boom that extends to 11 ft. (3.3 m) for larger pattern coverage with fewer setups. Because the carousel rod changer weighs less and holds more rods than linear models, the boom extension can reach farther and drill deeper while maintaining stability. Holes can be drilled within 24 in. (610 mm) of the highwall, which is 50 percent closer than with a linear rod changer.

High reliability, long life and low ownership costs are hallmarks of the new machine's rock drill. With less than half as many moving parts as competitive rock drills, it is a simple, reliable design that offers dependable performance and exceptional durability. Owners can service the rock drill themselves to reduce downtime and control costs. A new automated lube system keeps the rock drill working productively, eliminating the need to stop the machine for manual greasing every two hours.




Donaldson Co. offered its newest line of high-pressure delivery filters--Bulk hP --designed to filter hydraulic and lube oils during the final transfer into equipment. This new line of filters from Donaldson Clean Fuel & Lubricant Solutions filters fluids being delivered up to 1,000 psi (69 bar).

High-pressure delivery is the process by which piston or diaphragm pumps are used to transport oil, lube and hydraulic fluids from remote storage tank locations into equipment. These pumps operate on compressed air to force fluids through long lengths of piping and hose reels at delivery pressures significantly greater than the original air pressure. These high pressures force fluids through piping and deliver product out of hose reels and into equipment.

Filtering fluids stored in bulk tanks prior to being delivered into equipment is critical to meet the ISO cleanliness specifications demanded by today's Original Equipment Manufacturers. End-users need a filter with high dirt-holding capacity and efficiency, that's also easy to change and dispose of in an environmentally friendly way. Donaldson Bulk hP filters offer:

* Extended Life. DX-2 Media has 50 percent more dirt holding capacity than a filter the same size.

* Easy Disposal. Filter element easily separates from the housing; all-metal cans are 100 percent recyclable and non-metal elements are 100 percent incinerable.

* Heavy Duty Construction. 300 psi/20 bar collapse pressure prevents dirt from passing even under extreme pressure drop conditions.

* Protection for All Applications. Three different micron media options to fit all fluid types and viscosities.



ESCO Corp.

ESCO Corp. offered a new hydraulic coupler that gives machine operators a simple connection to attachments and provides enhanced site safety.

The ESCO PosiGrab coupler features both front and rear locks that are mechanically engaged through the full working cycle. The natural position of the coupler is locked and only opens using forced hydraulic pressure.

The connection and release of an attachment, including the visual confirmation that the locking mechanisms are engaged, is done without the operator leaving the safety of the cab.

Along with the safety and ease-of-use benefits, PosiGrab coupler was engineered to reduce stress on attachments and machines.




Goodyear's 63-in. off-the-road (OTR) tire was seen at its MINExpo booth. 'There is no better place to display our 63-in. tire than at MINExpo 2012," said David Anckaert, general manager, global OTR tires, Goodyear. "Global demand for high-performing 63-in. OTR tires remains extremely strong, and we are proud to offer such a robust, highly engineered product for the world's largest mining and earthmoving equipment."

Goodyear's 63-in. tire is part of the global tire manufacturer's RM (Rock Mining) line. Goodyear offers its 63-in. OTR tire in two sizes: 53/80R63 and 59/80R63. Each size is available with E3/E4 tread designs.

"Our 63-in. tire contains our latest technologies in materials, design, construction and manufacturing based on more than 25 years of experience in the 57-in. category," he explained. "The tire is precision-made, using state-of-the-art, fully integrated tire manufacturing equipment that is wholly unique to the OTR tire industry."

Features of Goodyear's 63-in. OTR tire include:

* Robust steel casing and belt construction to help enhance strength.

* Interlocking center grooves for extra stability.

* Goodyear's unique CycleMax tread compound that helps promote cool running.

* High-angle, non-directional grooves to help enhance traction across a wide range of demanding surfaces.



Kal Tire

Kal Tire exhibited at MINExpo for the first time. The company said it knows mining tire service better than anyone in the world--and that they are the only tire service provider capable of handling all a customer's tire requirements on a global basis.

Their offerings include:

Tire Sales--Kal Tire is a key global customer to the major mining tire manufacturers. Having an independent tire service provider with extensive contacts with the major manufacturers and suppliers in the global market is a distinct advantage. Especially since the demand for large mining tires can fluctuate as quickly as commodity prices and they become increasingly harder to source. Moving tires around the world, often to remote locations, is no easy task and Kal Tire is able to manage the supply chain from start to finish.

Customized Solutions--Kal Tire has established a global service offering which can be customized locally for each and every customer from job specific tire selection to supply and service. The on-site services that Kal Tire provides include:

* Comprehensive health and safety program based on best practices gathered from our service operations around the globe.

* Trained and supervised workforce.

* Complete on-site tire management and maintenance.

* Specialty service vehicles and equipment.

* Proprietary systems and custom tool design.

* Corrective tire repair, retreading, rotation.

* Systems adapted to local cultural and business needs.

Kal Tire's safe work practices and core safe work procedures have set the standards for tire service in the mining industry globally, for others to follow.

Kal Tire,



The new KPI-JCI FT300DF track-mounted mushing plant features the quarry-proven Kodiak Plus K300+ cone crusher, offering both maximum crushing performance and exceptional portability.

Capable of producing up to 460 tph, the FT300DF also features a compact design, making the machines easy to transport. The FT300DF's self-contained track drive allows it to be simply driven off the transport trailer and begin crushing immediately, allowing operators to spend time in production instead of site preparation.

"The FT300DF is perfect for customers looking for an extremely heavy-duty, durable machine," said Jeff Lininger, product manager for Johnson Crushers International, Inc. (KPl-JCI). "At the same time, it's incredibly portable, making it easy for producers to quickly relocate as needed."

"The FT300DF can be equipped with an optional recirculating conveyor that allows the plant to be paired with a screening plant, such as the FT6230CC, GT20SS or FT3620, making it a versatile open or closed-circuit crushing system. The plant can also be equipped with an optional bogie system which allows the FT300DF to be hauled behind a tractor without requiring a transport trailer.




The Liebherr L 586 wheel loader on display at M1NExpo features 335 hp (250 kW), an operating weight of 70,000 lb. (31,750 kg) and a tipping load of 43,607 lb. (19,780 kg).

The loader is equipped with a 7.9 cu. yd. (6 cu. m) rehandling bucket. Suitable for quarry, load and CatTy as well as general re-handling and truck loading, the L 586 offers unmatched performance and efficiency. Multiple bucket and machine configuration options are available to suit any application.

Like all Liebherr wheel loaders, the L 586 is exceptionally fuel-efficient. Up to 25 percent less fuel consumption compared to similar equipped competitive machines reduces the customer's overall operating cost and the equipment's environmental impact.

The drive technology is a further optimization of the hydrostatic travel drive. The drive technology is based on one gear with two different sized hydraulic motors, as demand requires, at least one of the hydraulic motors is engaged when accelerating or decelerating; the wheel loader smoothly adapts itself to the required travel speed and drawhar pull automatically--without shifting gears. The result is smooth and productive operation.




Metso's latest development in materials-reduction equipment, the HRC, is a major step in the profitable application of high pressure grinding roll (HPGR) technology. Metso has made several key innovations in order to increase throughput and decrease total cost of operation.

Metso's patented Arch-frame creates an even gap setting across the width of the tires, limiting skewing that can result in downtime for mining operations. This anti-skewing Arch-frame also prevents damage to the roller bearings (caused by misalignment) that can occur with the traditional HPGR design.

Used in place of spring-loaded cheek plates, the flanges keep the bed of material within the crushing zone and prevent material from bypassing the tires. This enables greater circuit capacity and increases the overall crushing efficiency.

In addition, by preventing material from bypassing the tires, even pressure across the width of the tire is better maintained. By distributing the pressure more evenly, the tire life is maximized by preventing a "bath tub effect," in which the center of the tire wears faster than the edges.

Victoria tierman, Metso's product manager for the HRC, notes that this breakthrough design is a response to the growing needs in the mining industry. "Energy efficiency has been attracting our customers to HPGR technology for years," she says. "But (our design concept) increases capacity and crushing efficiency--and that's something mining companies are always looking to improve on."

Other notable benefits of the HRC:

* Hydraulic cylinders are positioned to create a compact design while still providing excellent crushing strength.

* Dust enclosure minimizes dust and reduces noise.

* Transporter facilities a safe and fast tire replacement.

* Feed hopper include liners designed for long life.

* Studded tires maximize tire life by building up an autogenous layer.

The HRC is ideal for high-tonnage, hard rock applications and can be used as a tertiary, quaternary or pebble crusher.




Philippi-Hagenbuch (PHIL) launched its HiVol Lowboy Trailer and Vehicle Recovery Tool (VRT) system during MINExpo 2012.

The two-piece equipment is designed to work independently or together as one integrated system to haul the largest, heaviest off-highway mining equipment quickly, easily and safely. The system is also designed for fast return on investment, typically paying for itself within a year.

The HiVol Lowboy Trailer-VRT combination is the only system that provides the capacity necessary to haul Ultra Class rated equipment, a standard for mining equipment such as drills, loaders and high-capacity shovels. The system offers a hauling capacity of 400 to more titan 2,000 tons, far exceeding the capacity of any other trailer on the market. Whether providing initial transport into file mine pit, relocating a shovel from one pit to another or hauling a piece of downed equipment to the shop for repair, PHIL's system is able to move nearly any piece of mining equipment eliminating the need for multiple vehicles and trailers.

Acting as the intermediary between the haul vehicle and trailer, the VRT is key to allowing up to 22 percent more hauling weight than the trailer alone. The VRT evenly distributes the load over the axles and tires of the VRT, the haul truck and the trailer. By distributing the weight of the load, PHIL's UltraClass Lowboy Trailer is able to haul the larger loads safely.

While traditional lowboy trailers use a gooseneck and require more time, manpower and effort to front load the trailer, the HiVol Lowboy Trailer features a rear-load system, designed for safe, efficient loading and unloading fbr all sizes of equipment. In far most pieces can be loaded or unloaded in less than 20 minutes. The trailer's rear axles swing out and drop the deck to ground level while rear loading ramps descend.



Bosch Rexroth

The new Hagglunds CBM hydraulic motor from Bosch Rexroth creates powerful opportunities. Taking over from the tried-and-true Hagglunds Marathon motor, the Hagglunds CBM packs 50 percent more torque into a motor that is smaller and up to 50 percent lighter than its predecessor. That gives it the world's highest torque-to weight ratio.

For Bosch Rexroth customers, the new motor opens up new possibilities. The Hagglunds CBM not only handles heavier workloads, but also takes up less space and places less weight on the drive shaft. This means that customer machines, and in some cases the facilities that house them, can be smaller, lighter and simpler.

The motor's reduced installation requirements, combined with the higher productivity it allows, can mean lower overall investments and increased long-term revenue. Added to this are the unique operating advantages of a hydraulic direct drive: full torque from zero speed, protection from shock loads and four-quadrant operation.

The Hagglunds CBM motor was developed in direct response to customer requests. Greater power is increasingly needed in many industries, and it is a prerequisite for a number of new applications, such as wind and tidal energy. The Hagglunds CBM provides power for these applications and many others.

Bosch Rexroth,



By design, SKF spherical roller bearings can accommodate very heavy radial and heavy axial loads in applications prone to misalignment or shaft deflection. In addition, the SKF spherical roller bearings for vibratory applications are designed to accommodate very high vibration levels.

SKF Explorer spherical roller bearings provide a significant improvement in key operational parameters. These bearings are so advanced that they can last several times longer than their rivals under typical heavy-duty conditions.

Common applications include: Vibrating screens; compactors; road rollers; vibratory hammers; vibrating bowls; block vibropresses; baggers and wood chippers.

User benefits include increased uptime and productivity; excellent high-speed performance; increased power output; power maintenance and operating costs; reduced warranty costs; and environmentally friendly.



Superior Industries

Superior Industries exhibited its Urathon Return Roll. The Urathon Return Roll sheds sticky material, ensuring smoother conveyor belt alignment and less belt damage, making it ideal for use in the mining, aggregates and other bulk material handling industries. Constructed of heavy-duty 87A durometer urethane, Urathon return rollers offer up to three times the life of rubber disc-style idlers, and are available in standard and spiral disc options.

The Urathon return roll's non-stick properties prevent build-up of wet and sticky material on the roller discs, leading to smoother operation, greater productivity and minimized belt damage. Material build-up is the leading cause of conveyor belt mistracking and damage. When excessive material accumulates, rollers can double in size, which can cause issues with belt alignment that lead to downtime. In severe cases, the rollers become so weighed down by excess material that they stop working altogether. As the belt continues to slide over the stalled rollers, expensive ripping and other damage can occur.

The Urathon return roller also reduces downtime for change outs and excessive maintenance, effectively minimizing overall costs. Both rolls are self-cleaning, and the spiral style offers an added cleaning action on the underside of the belt to further reduce maintenance requirements caused by carryback material.

The Standard Roll is available in a 5-, 6- or 7-in. diameters, while the Spiral Roll is offered in a 6-in. diameter. Both models are compatible with conveyor belts ranging from 18 to 96 in. in width, and CEMA load rated at E, D, C or B.

Superior Industries,


W.S. Tyler

W.S. Tyler introduced a 10-ft.-wide version of its F-Class Vibrating Screen at booth 10250. The F-Class offers the only double eccentric screening solution for challenging applications that require minimal vibration transmission during operation.

This allows for the use of multiple machines within the same building or structure without the same reinforcing measures required to house traditional vibrating screens. Due to its consistent G-Force, the F-Class is also known for its ability to keep screen openings dean, thus avoiding the pegging of material and making the processing of sticky material possible.

"It just made sense," W.S. Tyler President Florian Festge said. "Our double eccentric technology has been so effective that customers expressed the need for larger screens as their operations grew. We answered with the largest double eccentric screen to date, the 10-ft.-wide F-Class. Its size, paired with its versatility, make the F-Class a viable option for customers who were previously forced to invest in much more expensive technologies, such as exciter driven screens."

This means that, when equipped with the right media choice, the F-Class virtually eliminates blinding and pegging. With the ability to handle the toughest applications, the F-Class is designed and built for classifying of ores, copper, gold, minerals, stones, sand and gravel.

W.S. Tyler,

Weir Minerals

Weir Minerals Linatex, a business unit of The Weir Group PLC, introduced its new Linatex Wear Indicator System.

The Linatex Wear Indicator System is a revolutionary early warning system for hoses that handle highly abrasive materials in mining operations. The Linatex Wear Indicator System has a 24-hour monitoring system that transmits and receives information, relaying the message to mine operators onsite.


According to recent reports, the cost of installing and operating a new coal mine has increased nearly threefold in the last few years. The story is nearly the same around the globe and no one anticipates any relief in the near future. Many mines around the world are looking at their equipment and focusing on maximizing efficiency and productivity to get more with less.

"Mineral processing is a highly abrasive environment and it causes a lot of wear on equipment, especially the hoses that move the slurry through the system," said Geoff Moore, divisional sales and marketing director for Weir Minerals. "With the Linatex Wear Indicator System from Weir Minerals, mine operators can create a safer environment for employees and the surroundings by closely monitoring the wear on equipment and proactively planning equipment maintenance."

The Linatex Wear Indicator System senses a change in resistance as measured by ohms--a precision measurement that provides more accurate results. With the 24-hour monitoring system there isn't a need for operation shutdowns for physical inspection or costly emergency maintenance downtime.

Key features of the Linatex Wear Indicator System:

* 24-hour monitoring system.

* Senses a change in resistance as measure by ohms.

* Provides more accurate results than a standard indicator system.

Weir Minerals Linatex,
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