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Best of festive fun bunch; Janet Tansley chooses DVDs, videos and books for you to WIN.

Byline: Janet Tansley

JINGLE bells, jingle bells . . .

yes, Christmas is coming and there's definitely a festive feel to many of the children's books and videos out now.

From snowmen to Spot, from magic to mischief, the mood is more than merry.

And it's catching.

We've decided to give you an early present with a round-up of just some of the best books and videos to watch this yuletide - and, better still, we have loads for you to win.

So sit back, relax and enjoy . . .

then try for a prize.


DVD, pounds 15.99) RUDOLPH the Red-Nosed Reindeer has been lighting up children's lives for more than 60 years and now the loveable creature is set to fly off on a new adventure - to save Christmas toys!

The glowing-nosed one travels to the Island of Misfit Toys to unravel the mystery of the Toy Taker.

Featuring the voices of Jamie Lee Curtis, Richard Dreyfus and Rick Moranis.

We have FIVE to give away - just complete the following film title - Honey, I Shrunk The . . . . . . .

THE CHILDREN'S CHRISTMAS COLLECTION Cert: U. Carlton Video (VHS, pounds 29.99) IF you dream of spending Christmas curled up in front of the fire with your favourite festive movies, then here they all are in a special video box set:

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer - The Movie: Voiced by an all-star cast including John Goodman and Whoopi Goldberg, Rudolph and friends magically come to life for a host of adventures. Also features Paul McCartney's A Wonderful Christmas Time.

Annabelle's Wish: Magical adventure based on the legend that on Christmas Eve Santa gave all animals a speaking voice, just for the one night.

Casper's Haunted Christmas: Casper is in high spirits after it's decreed he must scare one person before Christmas Day.

The Greatest Store in the World:

Featuring a guest appearance by S Club 7, it's the story of a resourceful single mum (Dervla Kirwan) and her two children, in need of somewhere to live.

Flight of the Reindeer:

Starring Beau Bridges and Richard Thomas. After years of being scoffed at by friends and colleagues, Jerry McNeal has secured proof that reindeer can fly.

We have THREE sets to win - just name two members of S Club 7.

TOM AND JERRY: THE MAGIC RING Cert: U. Warner Home Video (VHS, pounds 16.99, DVD pounds 19.99) JOIN the mischievous twosome in some of their wildest capers.

A young magician, Chip, tells Tom to guard his magic ring while he goes to fetch the ingredient to complete his spell, promising a big juicy salmon if he does a good job.

Needless to say, Jerry manages to grab the ring which turns out to be a perfect fit for his head and parades around like a rodent king. Can Tom outsmart Jerry and retrieve it before Chip returns?

We have FIVE copies to win - tell us which Tom sang Sex Bomb.

CATS & DOGS Cert: PG. Warner Home Video (VHS, pounds 16.99; DVD, pounds 19.99) WITH a box office fortune of pounds 23m already, Cats & Dogs will really test where your loyalties lie as feline friends and canine comrades go at it tooth and claw in the fight for world supremacy.

Fast and furious slapstick action and cutting edge special effects will bowwow (sorry) you in this mission im-paws-able (groan).

We have FIVE copies to win - just tell us the name of the dog in the classic film, Wizard of Oz.

IVOR THE INVISIBLE Cert: U. VCI (VHS pounds 9.99) A BRAND new feature length animation from Raymond Briggs, the man who brought us The Snowman and The Bear.

One morning, John wakes up to find something invisible sitting at the bottom of his bed. When he asks its name, the letters IVO appear on the mirror, so John decides to call him Ivor.

Ivor plays tricks on John's mum and gets up to lots of mischief.

We have FIVE to give away - just tell us who is Santa's special reindeer.

SOOTY'S MAGIC CLUB Cert: U. VCI (VHS pounds 9.99) EXCLUSIVE to video, this marks a welcome return for one of the nation's favourite bears - Sooty.

The mini-magician has got his wand and he's ready to marvel with his magic tricks.

But, of course, this is Sooty and there's bound to be mischief when Sweep and Sue lend a hand.

We have FIVE to give away - just tell us Sooty's original human friend.

BRUM Cert: U. VCI (VHS pounds 9.99) THE character car comes to life and gets into gear for a new set of adventures.

Brum decides to visit the local airport and, as the planes take off around him, he's in the middle of some fast and furious fun action.

The video also includes other stories from the new series seen on BBC1 and BBC2.

We have FIVE to win - just tell us the name of the famous flying car made famous in the film starring Dick Van Dyke.

THOMAS & FRIENDS BUMPER COLLECTIONS: SEASONAL SCRAPES Cert: U. VCI (VHS pounds 9.99) MORE than 100 minutes of trackside capers as Thomas and his gang - Percy, Gordon, Annie and Clarabel - get steamed up in the sidings.

It's a cracking collection of 17 stories about the really useful engine, all with a seasonal theme.

It even includes three songs to sing-along to.

We have FIVE to win - just tell us which famous scouser 'became' Thomas.
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