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Best of a bad lot; LETTERS to the EDITOR.

THERE certainly should be a general election, but H Jonas does not seem to have understood that to elect a Conservative gover nment would be to elect only the best of a bad lot (Letters, June 16).

The country really needs a party of Restoration; a party capable of fulfilling some obvious and common-sense policies, prepared to cut Gordian Knots and proclaim a few pragmatic sanctions.

Such a party could do all that H Jonas expects of it, as well as, among other things, disengaging from the EU, introducing a national wage and National Service, solving the education problem by simply recovering some forgotten lore and sorting out the law racket. It would also admit the true seriousness of the population problem.

The UK is not yet a fully oppressed state, but many reports point to it moving in that direction. The election of a responsible government cannot happen too soon, otherwise the betrayal will become complete, leaving whoever inherits the legacy a choice between resistance or submission.

JF Lambert, Mossley Hill
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Jun 18, 2009
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