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Best of Both Worlds.

Most trail cameras use mechanical filters to "see" the infrared light emitted during nighttime photography, but they're not as effective during transitions from light to dark and dark to light. They also make more noise, which could spook game. Enter the Rival Cam 18 and Rival Cam 18 Lightsout models from Wildgame Innovations. Utilizing Tru-Dual Cam technology, both models feature two cameras--each, one for daylight photography and one for night. Together, these 18-megapixel units can take stunning photos and shoot 5-, 15- or 30-second 720p video clips--all without making a sound.

MSRP: $129.99 (Rival Cam 18) and $139.99 (Rival Cam 18 Lightsout)

Contact: Wildgame Innovations;

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Title Annotation:NEW GEAR
Publication:Petersen's Bowhunting
Date:Jan 1, 2019
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