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Best bets on software.

Because CD-ROMs have only been part of our lives for about eight years, they're improving quickly - the graphics, the sound and the speed. Most amazing are the new subjects - set off on a girls' friendship adventure, make your own stickers or even create a safari park.

Software can be expensive, so why not create a club to swap CD-ROMs with your friends, or see if your local library lends them out?


Rockett's Tricky Decision

After spending four years learning about what girls like to play, the Purple Moon company last year introduced a new type of software for girls - games all about friendships. Rockett's Tricky Decision is the latest. Rockett is fairly new at school and doesn't know which Halloween party to choose. You must help her. Because you make all the decisions for the characters, the games are different every time. Keep in mind these American games are based on the likes and dislikes of American girls.

You Want to be a Woman Marine Biologist

A marine biologist studies life in the sea, so if you love animals and nature, you'll love playing around with this CD-ROM. Look at sea life, learn how to protect our environment, watch girls like you tell why they hope to be marine biologists, and hear a woman explain how she became one. Perfect for science projects.

Magic Wardrobe

Do you like creative projects and designing clothes? Select stunning outfits - you can print them out and colour them yourself, or you can colour them on the computer. Attach your creations to the two cardboard dolls included with the CD. Enjoy creating the clothes, or find out what women wore at 12 different times in history, or read their diaries and add your own entries.

American Girls

Even if you've never heard of The American Girls Collection (books, dolls, etc. from the U.S.), this CD-ROM is amazing for creating your own plays on a computer. Choose one of five girls from different historical periods, e.g. Kirsten, a pioneer settler from 1854 and Samantha, an orphan from 1904. Pick a backdrop, decorate the stage with props, write the script, record the voices, choose the music, lighting and sound effects. Curtain's up!


Secret Writer's Society

Attention kids who want to be good writers! Play fun games to see if you know the basics, and you get the password to enter The Secret Mission Room. Here you'll plan, edit and present some of your best writing, and your computer will read it aloud! You can keep a secret diary and even lock it with a colour password.

NumberMaze Challenge

It's all about numbers and mazes. Travel through tricky mazes by solving number problems. There are many levels so just work at your own pace. Solve a maze, get a certificate and move to the next level. You'll get hooked!

Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?

It's an adventure game. Search for Carmen deep within the tombs of Ancient Egypt then travel more than 3,000 years forward to witness the launch of the first person into space. To track down Carmen and her gang, and recover stolen items, you must solve 18 challenging cases. Note: you don't have to know a lot of history to enjoy this game, and there's an electronic reference book for help.

Logical Journey of the Zoombinis Deluxe

This comes highly recommended by the students at Bonaventure Meadows Public School in London, Ont. It's called the `logical' journey because you have to use logic to save the Zoombinis - weird little guys and gals you can design yourself. They want to escape from Zoombin) Isle and set up a new home far away. You take them on their journey and try to rescue them from many sticky situations.


Sim Safari

Set up and manage your own safari park - buy animals, birds, water creatures, trees, plants, and more! Then organize the tourists' camp - construct roads and buildings, buy tents and trucks. Don't forget to keep the village people happy too - give them jobs so they won't shoot your animals. Fortunately you've got some good people to advise you. But then disaster strikes!

Print Artist Craft Factory

With this factory you create your own stickers, cards, posters, mobiles, board games masks, party packages, 3-D mini-towns and more. Fortunately there's a parents' guide with step-by-step instructions, so they can help you first time around. Enjoy planning your designs with the 5,500 graphics - signs of the zodiac, world figures like Einstein, flags, borders, etc. all shown in the manual. Not available for MACs.

Jelly Drop

The best feature of this arcade game is that two people can play at the same time on the same keyboard of your home computer. Or, play alone and dominate the high score list by yourself. The split-second decision-making is awesome as you guide dropping multi-coloured jelly beans through more than 100 action levels. Beware, it's very addictive - don't let parents near this one! Not available for MACs.

Quest For Glory Collection Series

Quest For Glory is a popular series of adventure games. This collection combines the first four which means days, weeks, even months of playing value. The fifth and last game, Quest for Glory 5, will be released this summer. Learn how to become a true hero in the first adventure, then use your hard-earned skills in the games that follow. Not available for MACs.

Thanks to Myles our neighbour at the CD-ROM Store for his help. Your parents can mail order this software from him at 1-800-250-9229.
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Date:Jun 22, 1998
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