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Best Place to Work sponsored by HomeServe.

WHG Housing association whg believes that its greatest asset is its people and that success as a business depends largely on their calbre and commitment.

The leading Midlands landlord, which is based at Hatherton Street, Walsall and was founded in 2003, employs 731.

It now provides affordable, good quality homes and community-based services across the Midlands.

One of its corporate aims is to be an exceptional place to work that attracts, develops and retains talent. From its own talent management programmes to develop its leaders of the future, to a recognition scheme to reward colleague achievements, whg has successfully built a positive work culture and a reputation as a great employer.

By 2024 whg aims to have half of all its managers home grown. To help it achieve this, this year whg rolled out the next level of its Dare to Lead talent management programme to develop colleagues who have the potential to progress into senior management positions.

In 2018 whg launched a whole range of workshops dedicated to colleague wellbeing.

Last year also saw all leaders and managers in the business complete the mental health first aid qualification.

whg understands the importance of keeping colleagues informed and ensuring that they fully understand what's going on across the business.

Staff are kept up to date with priorities and plans for the business via a quarterly business cascade.

BLACKS VETS Independent business Blacks Vets, which has grown to operate from five sites, has invested heavily in improving the work experience for its staff. Blacks, which has its head office at Hillcroft, Hall Street, Dudley, was formed in 1965 and the company has grown to employ 103.

Blacks Vets also has an accredited 24/7 veterinary hospital providing both routine pet care and referral services.

Blacks says that its practices are built on people, not tasks and it recognises the importance of balancing work and life to achieve a happy and healthy mindset that enables its teams to do their best work.

The aim is to create an environment where every team member is valued and is able to contribute.

There has been an investment of more than PS400,000 into its team and environment in the last two years that has helped the business win a string of awards.

Blacks says that positive communication is the key to unlocking many workplace issues and it has invested heavily in providing the channels to enable this.

There is weekly continued professional development for vets, fortnightly for nurses and functional or branch monthly team meetings along with monthly practice meetings with all vets and representatives from the different teams.

Ideas for improvement are invited and shared along with feedback from staff to inform key decisions.

Rotas are devised to be as family-friendly as possible, accommodating part-time working parents.

KALEIDOSCOPE PLUS Not-for-profit business The Kaleidoscope Plus Group has a commitment to professional and personal development of its 90-strong workforce.

Kaleidoscope, based at Hawthorns House, Halfords Lane, West Bromwich, was formed in 1973 and provides diverse services directly supporting those with pre-existing mental health conditions and preventative services to foster good emotional wellbeing.

KPG provides staff with personalised budgets to support development needs which are identified through regular supervision. They are given flexible working and/or financial support to gain qualifications and all are trained in mental health first aid and ASIST (suicide prevention).

Staff who wish to develop new skills and experiences are supported.

KPG offers online learning, shadowing, internal and external training, peer-to-peer observations and skills sharing.

There are also back-to-the floor days when individuals can spend a day working with front-line staff. This serves as a reminder about the necessity of KPG's work and the difference it makes to people's lives. The 'Plus' in KPG means that it goes that extra mile and it is continually complemented by commissioners about performance. not only meeting targets, but also exceeding them.

KPG strongly believes that flexibility is paramount when working with clients. Services are tailored to meet individual needs.


whg staff members Gulfam Ahmed and Charlotte Willetts

Animals receive the very best care at Blacks Vets

Dave Pickard with the staff at Kaleidoscope Plus Group
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