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Best Kids Love-the-Earth Activity Book.

ONE OF THE WAYS KIDS LEARN to appreciate the environment is by examining the world around them. A new book encourages youngsters to explore nature by taking a hands-on approach. Best Kids Love-the-Earth Activity Book (Sunset Publishing Corporation, 80 Willow Rd., Menlo Park, Calif., 1993) features scores of activities, from crafts projects to experiments, that illustrate the basics of earth science. Two such activities are shown here. The book costs $11.99 plus $2.50 shipping; California residents, add sales tax.

Environmental experts advised on the book's content, and a number of the projects and experiments were kid-tested. The activities demonstrate to children that a whole universe of experiences lies right outside the back door. Whimsical drawings by Sandra Forrest lend a sense of fun.

Also new this fall is Best Kids Cookie Book, which joins two other titles in the Best Kids series: Cook Book and Garden Book.

What's in the Air?

The air you breathe may look clean, but is it? Here's a way to see some of the pollution in the air. You'll need two white index cards and some tape.

Tape one card to an inside windowsill and the other to an outside windowsill. After several days, look at the cards. What do you see on them? Whatever you see on your cards is also in the air you breathe.

What's in the Water?

Ask an adult to help you safely put a sample of pond, river, or creek water into a jar with a lid. When you get home, try this experiment to discover what is in the water. You'll need a glass, a rubber band, and a coffee filter.

Use the rubber band to hold the filter in place over the top of the glass. Carefully pour water from your jar through the filter. Can you see pollution that has been left behind on the filter? Use a magnifier to take a close look. Of course, your water is not safe for you to drink even after you filter it.
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Author:Crosby, Bill
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Nov 1, 1993
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