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Best Friends Forever.

Byline: Compiled by Huda Tabrez/Community Web Editor

Paris Hilton is in town and she's looking for a new best friend. Forever. Any takers? In the UAE to film Dubai My New BFF, a local version of her hit reality TV show, Hilton seems to have stirred up a debate befitting her reputation. Has the meaning of friendship evolved enough for us to audition for the position of a best friend? Things have definitely changed from the good old days of friends in need being the best kind. Would you choose a celebrity over your best friend? Does real friendship still exist?

Pretty friends are better friends.

I got close to my best friend only after I spent a lot of time with him, as I wanted to know his intentions. Now, I share all my secrets and sorrows with him. I think we should continue to question our actions and try to improve, as other people get affected by our behaviour. I think a dog and a book are also good friends. Reality TV shows corrupt people's minds, which can make them lose real friends. Karan Nair Dubai

I would never go for a celebrity friend, it needs to be more personal. It really makes no difference what a person looks like. What matters is that you can spend time with each other and help each other. The support you provide to someone makes them your friend. I am from Turkmenistan and have been studying in Dubai for more than a year. The people here are extremely friendly. Muhi Al Deen Sharapov Dubai

Good looks is never the main reason for choosing a friend. I would much rather prefer somebody who has a good sense of humour. I have some very close friends and the best moments we have shared have been simply from spending time in either of our homes. Organising reality TV shows to choose one's best friend is really quite ridiculous. James Hudson Dubai

If you want others to treat you well, you need to treat them well. Putting a lot of make-up and being fashionable will never keep your friendship going. Fashion, and sometimes friends, change faster than seasons. Nowadays, it is very difficult to have a good, sincere and dependable friend. The only way to have a good friend is to be one. Shirin Witharana Abu Dhabi

A bigger bank balance means more friends.

Money and looks might make you attractive, but it does not mean that you have reliable friends with you. I have a best friend who is extremely close to me. I look for loyalty, honesty and dependability when it comes to my best friend. I should be able to count on them whenever I need help. Joseline Abesamis Dubai

Be honest, be yourself. If you have to be fake, you are not going to get a true friend. To me, a friend should be able to communicate with me based on my personality and I feel I have been able to meet quite a few decent people in my life. I have some friends who will stick with me, no matter what. Oyama Alams Dubai

Definitely not. You will only get a lot of fake friends. If you are very rich, you will only attract people who stay with you as long as you stay rich. A good friend is not looking for money, he or she will stay with you no matter what happens in your life. Rafika Rostane Dubai

It is your personality, not your money. Many people with good cars and lots of money have poor social skills, and even if they do have a crowd around them, they are not necessarily good friends. To me a good friend should be someone who is mature, honest and with a good sense of humour. Jaimish Damani Dubai

Man's best friend is still a dog.

Sometimes it is better to have a dog as a friend, especially when you are feeling lonely. They are definitely more loyal than a cat, which walks off as soon as it's fed! But loyalty depends on the kind of friends you have. In a friend I look for compatible personalities - are they polite and well-behaved? Charliez Mammetkuliyev Dubai

Real friends help you stay grounded. There are so many things that you may be pushed towards doing due to peer pressure. It is the friends you have that remind you of what is right and what isn't. As for a dog being your best friend, people probably say that because the dog can't speak. If he did, he probably wouldn't be as loyal. Gail D'Souza Dubai

It always has been and will be a dog. I have six pet pitbulls and they are more loyal as friends. I like how they play the role of shock-absorbers. But there is a slight problem - no matter what happens, they cannot give you a real reaction. At least a human friend would be able to speak to me, even if it is not a very flattering response. I might just use it to improve myself. Jennifer Darang Dubai

I guess nowadays, it is your mobile phone. It is always with you, it won't hurt you and won't cheat on you! As for best friends, I don't think people have the time. Additionally, money has become so much more important than having a good friend. I don't think best friends exist, but if you find one, please do let me know. Mohammad Sharif Dubai

Paris Hilton and reality TV has destroyed the meaning of friendship.

Only fake and superficial people would go to audition for such a show, attracted by the fact that she is a rich party girl. Transparency, honesty and integrity are essential to have a good friend, but I don't think people have the time for it. You may meet a lot of people who you call friends, but they really aren't. Somebody giving you a call when he is alone at the coffee shop isn't really a 'real' friend, is he? Fahad Yousuf Dubai

I really doubt such shows would seriously affect the concept of friendship. Everybody knows the hidden agenda behind such shows and only someone who is seriously dim-witted would go to find real friendship. It is really important to have real friends in life, especially living as an expatriate, when your friends are more in number than your family. Kasica Fernandez Dubai

May be Paris might just find a true friend; she doesn't have to make it extremely public. People would go because she is a celebrity but they might just build a good relationship. A best friend is someone who should be able to build such a relationship with you and be extremely close. You can talk to him or her about anything, your family or your personal feelings. Mehernaz Ansari Dubai

I like Paris Hilton, and the concept of the TV show is quite nice and unique. She always ends up doing things that are different and quirky. More so, she never harms anybody else, so I don't understand why people continuously criticise her. I understand that she is a show-off, but she does that in a very different way, too. I like her. Sanaz Khazaei Dubai

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