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Best Finance Tweets: August 2016.

Byline: Katie Rass

August was a great month to take a vacation, unless you're a political campaign watcher. Or an ERISA lawyer.

Meanwhile on Twitter, Josh Brown shared his favorite anti-stage-fright trick, Matt Levine ribbed the Securities and Exchange Commission, and our own editor in chief Jamie Green overheard an interesting conversation on his daily commute.

On General Economic Topics:

Jobless claims & Philly #Fed releases confirm impending doom is still on summer vacation. August 18, 2016

industry parlance August 16, 2016

The fake mayo company has raised $220M?? Disrupting condiments is capital intensive apparently. August 19, 2016

"When clients pay attention to noise, we call it dumb. When advisors do it, we call it research."

- Carl Richards @behaviorgap August 18, 2016

wait honestly how is there not a fintech called Ebenezer August 19, 2016

Q: How many miles would you have to drive until the risk of dying is the same as a non-stop flight?

A: 12#RiskManagement August 10, 2016

#NJTransit trainman: 'Conductor on the IC: door dripping water; passenger says wet his pants; wants it reported. Conductor: Roger. Wet pants August 30, 2016

About to speak in front of 750 people @investools. My trick is to picture them all standing in line at the DMV. August 30, 2016 From the Campaign Trail:

What you don't seem to understand is that PIVOT is a mnemonic for Pontificate Irrationally, Veer Off-Topic August 22, 2016

If someone is climbing #TrumpTower using suction cups, what chance has #Trump got of keeping people from climbing his impenetrable wall. August 10, 2016

My favorite collective nouns:

A parliament of owls

A business of ferrets

An economic advisory council of mediocre white men. August 5, 2016

Paul Manafort Resigns As Head Of Trump Campaign

Crimea river for this guy.

August 19, 2016

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Date:Aug 31, 2016
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