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Best Face Forward.

Best Face Forward

J. F. Rayport and B. J. Jaworski. 2004. Harvard business review 82 (12): 47-58.

"The article discusses how competitive advantage can be developed and maintained through the quality of relationships between companies and their customers and markets. Customer experience and service quality influence purchasing decisions. As companies have more difficulty in finding skilled frontline employees, technology offers machines that are alternatives for processing transactions and also managing human interactions. The service interface can be human, mechanical, or a combination of both. It has to have the dimensions of physical presence and appearance, cognition, emotion or attitude, and connectedness. Front-office reengineering has the objectives of compressing costs and driving growth with an increased customer-perceived value. The interface system integrates people and machines and this balance between the division of labor has to be managed. The reinvention of the front office ... will lead to new opportunities and values for businesses."

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Title Annotation:TECHNOLOGY
Author:Slusher, Tabitha
Publication:Technical Communication
Date:May 1, 2005
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