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Articles from Best Books for Kids & Teens (March 22, 2019)

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#MeToo Movement (Get Informed--Stay Informed). Book review 113
A Cage Without Bars. Book review 105
A Dome Stays Strong (Be An Engineer! Designing to Solve Problems). Book review 113
A Giant Man from a Tiny Town: A Story of Angus MacAskill. Book review 116
A House Gives Shelter (Be An Engineer! Designing to Solve Problems). Book review 112
A Road Connects Places (Be An Engineer! Designing to Solve Problems). Book review 107
A Tower Stands Tall (Be An Engineer! Designing to Solve Problems). Book review 113
A Whale's World (My Great Bear Rainforest). Book review 115
Africville. Children's review 109
After Life: Ways We Think About Death. Book review 112
All the Wandering Light (Even the Darkest Stars, Book 2). Book review 117
Almost Invisible. Book review 107
Angela's Airplane (Classic Munsch). Children's review 102
Anna at the Art Museum. Book review 105
Anne Arrives. Book review 112
Anyone's Game (Cross Ups, Book 2). Book review 106
At the Pond. Book review 102
Avalanche! (Survivor Diaries, Book 2). Book review 102
Awasis and the World-Famous Bannock. Book review 111
Billy Stuart and the Zintrepids. Book review 116
Birds From Head to Tail (Head to Tail). Book review 108
Black Women Who Dared. Book review 110
Bone Beds of the Badlands (A Dylan Maples Adventure, Book 3) NE. Book review 114
Brady Brady and the Great Exchange (Brady Brady) NE. Children's review 104
Brady Brady and the Puck on the Pond (Brady Brady) NE. Children's review 106
Bringing Back the American Alligator (Animals Back from the Brink). Book review 111
Bringing Back the Giant Panda (Animals Back from the Brink). Book review 113
Bringing Back the Humpback Whale (Animals Back from the Brink). Book review 108
Bringing Back the Whooping Crane (Animals Back from the Brink). Brief article 107
Buddy and Earl Meet the Neighbors (Buddy and Earl, Book 5). Book review 107
Call of the Wraith (The Blackthorn Key, Book 4). Book review 109
Canadian Biodiversity (Canadian Science: Technology and Sustainability). Book review 110
Caribbean Immigrants in Canada (Immigration to Canada: Then and Now). Book review 109
Champions: Northern Lights (Champions, Volume 4). Brief article 119
Chemists in Action (Scientists in Action). Book review 109
Chinese Immigrants in Canada (Immigrants in Canada: Then and Now). Children's review 108
Christmas: From Solstice to Santa (Orca Origins). Book review 109
Clara Humble and the Kitten Caboodle (Clara Humble, Book 3). Book review 109
Climate Change (Get Informed--Stay Informed). Book review 109
Confessions of a Teenage Leper. Book review 111
Crafty Llama. Children's review 104
Crush (Berrybrook Middle School, Book 3). Children's review 113
Cute as an Axolotl: Discovering the World's Most Adorable Animals (The World of Weird Animals). Children's review 122
Daniel's Story NE. Book review 105
Delilah Dirk and the Pillars of Hercules. Brief article 102
Destination: Space--Living on Other Planets (Dr. Dave: Astronaut). Brief article 115
Dive In! Exploring Our Connection with the Ocean (Orca Footprints). Book review 114
Do Frogs Drink Hot Chocolate? How Animals Keep Warm. Brief article 105
Dodger Boy. Book review 107
Dr. Jo: How Sara Josephine Baker Saved the Lives of America's Children. Brief article 127
Dragons in a Bag (Dragons in a Bag, Book 1). Book review 122
Easy Prey. Book review 105
Elephant Secret. Book review 107
Evaluating Arguments About Animals (State Your Case). Book review 108
Evaluating Arguments About Education (State Your Case). Book review 108
Evaluating Arguments About Food (State Your Case). Book review 110
Evaluating Arguments About Sports and Entertainment (State Your Case). Book review 113
Evaluating Arguments About Technology (State Your Case). Book review 109
Evaluating Arguments About the Environment (State Your Case). Book review 108
Explore Ontario! (The Great Canadian Road Trip). Brief article 112
Explore Saskatchewan! (The Great Canadian Road Trip). Children's review 114
Fake Blood. Book review 111
Finding Grace. Book review 106
Flawed (National Film Board of Canada Collection). Book review 106
Florence & Leon. Book review 117
Flow, Spin, Grow: Looking for Patterns in Nature. Book review 104
Forensic Investigations of the Ancient Egyptians (Forensic Footprints of Ancient Worlds). Book review 111
Forensic Investigations of the Aztecs (Forensic Footprints of Ancient Worlds). Book review 110
Game of Secrets. Brief article 112
Go Show the World: A Celebration of Indigenous Heroes. Book review 114
Grandmother's Visit. Children's review 106
Haunted Canada: The First Terrifying Collection (Haunted Canada). Book review 106
Hayley Wickenheiser (Amazing Hockey Stories). Book review 107
History vs Women: The Defiant Lives That They Don't Want You to Know. Book review 117
Home Again (Heartwood Hotel, Book 4). Book review 102
Hoping for a Home After Myanmar (Leaving My Homeland: After the Journey). Book review 105
How Far We Go and How Fast. Brief article 109
How to Feed Your Parents. Book review 105
I Am Small. Book review 104
In the Buff (Orca Currents). Brief article 104
Infinite Blue. Book review 109
Inkling. Book review 109
Island in the Salish Sea. Book review 108
Isobel's Stanley Cup. Book review 110
Jack (Not Jackie). Book review 105
Jimmy Tornado: Danger at the Bottom of the Sea (Jimmy Tornado, Book 2). Brief article 120
Jonathan Cleaned Up--Then He Heard a Sound (Classic Munsch) NE. Children's review 105
Kate's Ring. Book review 103
Kens. Book review 111
Kiss by Kiss/Ocetowina. Book review 106
Little You/Kiya-K'apisisisiyan NE. Book review 113
Lost Boy. Book review 104
Lucky Break (Orca Sports). Brief article 103
Made by Maxine. Book review 109
Making Sense of Number, K-10: Getting to Know Your Students So You Can Support the Development of Their Mathematical Understanding. Brief article 120
Marvel Rising. Young adult review 122
Meet Chris Hadfield (Scholastic Canada Biography). Book review 109
Meet Viola Desmond (Scholastic Canada Biography). Book review 106
Meeting Needs in Our Community (Money Sense: An Introduction to Financial Literacy). Book review 115
Miles to Go. Brief article 105
Mistatim/lnstant. Book review 110
Monsters (The Reckoner, Book 2). Young adult review 111
Moving Day! Book review 102
Mucus Mayhem (The Almost Epic Squad, Book 1). Book review 114
Murmel, Murmel, Murmel (Classic Munsch) NE. Book review 105
Mustafa. Book review 110
My Heart Fills With Happiness/Ni Sakaskineh Miyawaten Niteh Ohcih NE. Book review 116
My Life as a Diamond. Book review 108
My New Home After Iraq (Leaving My Homeland: After the Journey). Book review 110
My New Home After Syria (Leaving My Homeland: After the Journey). Book review 112
My New Home After Yemen (Leaving My Homeland: After the Journey). Book review 113
My River: Cleaning Up the La Have River. Book review 110
Night of the Living Dolls (Haunted). Book review 111
No Fixed Address. Brief article 107
North to Benjamin. Brief article 112
Not Even Bones. Brief article 108
Out of the Ice: How Climate Change Is Revealing the Past. Children's review 113
Owls Are Good at Keeping Secrets: An Unusual Alphabet. Book review 112
Poppy & Sam and the Leaf Thief. Book review 101
Push Back (SideStreets). Brief article 107
Putugug & Kublu and the Qalupalik! Brief article 101
Quid Pro Quo NE. Brief article 104
Reavers (The Superpower Field Guide). Brief article 108
Red River Resistance (A Girl Called Echo, Volume 2). Brief article 119
Remembrance Day (Canadian Celebrations). Book review 103
Returning to Afghanistan (Leaving My Homeland: After the Journey). Brief article 110
Returning to Guatemala (Leaving My Homeland: After the Journey). Book review 110
Robert Bateman: The Boy Who Painted Nature. Book review 115
Rosie's Glasses. Book review 103
Sabotage Stage Left (Howard Wallace, P.I., Book 3). Brief article 110
Sadie. Book review 116
Sanctuary. Brief article 106
Seasons Before the War. Book review 112
Seeing Red (Whatever After, Book 12). Children's review 109
Selection Committees. 441
Sir Simon: Super Scarer. Book review 105
Sleep, Sheep! Book review 111
Sloth at the Zoom. Book review 101
Snazzy Cat Capers (Snazzy Cat Capers). Brief article 108
Solutions for Cold Feet and Other Little Problems. Book review 108
Sterling, Best Dog Ever. Book review 101
Stories in the Clouds: Weather Science and Mythology from Around the World (Dot to Dot in the Sky). Book review 112
Stowing Away with the Vikings (The Time Travel Guides) NE. Book review 121
Stumpkin. Book review 106
Super Agent Jon Le Bon! Big Beaver Forever (Super Agent Jon Le Bon, Book 8). Book review 119
Surviving the City (The Debwe Series). Book review 110
Swallow's Dance. Brief article 102
Sweep: The Story of a Girl and Her Monster. Book review 113
Synchro Boy. Book review 109
Talking to the Moon. Book review 102
Team Steve (Steve the Horse). Book review 108
That's Not Hockey! Book review 107
The Atlas Obscura Explorer's Guide for the World's Most Adventurous Kid. Brief article 114
The Ballet Book: The Young Performer's Guide to Classical Dance (Second Edition) NE. Book review 116
The Band of Merry Kids. Book review 103
The Birdman. Book review 103
The Bunny Band. Children's review 107
The Caged Queen (Iskari, Book 2). Book review 108
The Case of the Berry Burglars (West Meadows Detectives, Book 3). Book review 112
The Darkest Dark: Glow-in-the-Dark Cover Edition NE. Children's review 126
The Divided Earth (The Nameless City, Book 3). Book review 112
The Dress and the Girl. Children's review 112
The Eleventh Hour. Book review 115
The Garden. Brief article 103
The Gathering. Book review 103
The Ghost Road. Brief article 105
The Girl You Thought I Was. Brief article 109
The Great Googlini (Orca Echoes). Book review 110
The Gymnastics Book: The Young Performer's Guide to Gymnastics (Third Edition) NE. Book review 110
The House of One Thousand Eyes. Young adult review 117
The Light Between Worlds. Book review 113
The Little Pig, the Bicycle, and the Moon. Book review 111
The Lotterys More or Less. Book review 112
The Nose from Jupiter: 20th Anniversary Edition NE. Book review 103
The Orange Shirt Story. Book review 101
The Origin of Day and Night. Brief article 107
The Reptile Club. Book review 106
The Ruined City (The Golden Mask, Book 1). Book review 109
The Secret Life of Squirrels: Back to School! (The Secret Life of Squirrels, Book 4). Book review 113
The Secret of the Silver Mines (A Dylan Maples Adventure, Book 2) NE. Book review 124
The Shadow in the Moon: A Tale of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Book review 117
The True Tale of a Giantess: The Story of Anna Swan. Book review 120
The Unbeatable qguirrel Girl: My Best Friend's qguirrel (The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Volume 8). Book review 116
The Unbeatable qguirrel Girl: qguirrels Fall Like Dominoes (The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Volume 9). Book review 115
The Wild Beast. Book review 103
There Be Pirates! Swashbucklers & Rogues of the Atlantic (Compass: True Stories for Kids). Book review 105
Too Young to Escape: A Vietnamese Girl Waits to be Reunited with Her Family. Book review 116
Tough Call (Sports Stories). Book review 101
Trade in Our Global Community (Money Sense: An Introduction to Financial Literacy). Book review 116
Tree Musketeers. Book review 107
Una Huna? What Is This?. Book review 104
Up the Mountain Path. Book review 120
Very Rich. Book review 106
Voyage Through Space. Book review 101
We Sang You Home/Ka Kiweh Nikamostamatinan NE. Book review 117
Welcome Song for Baby/Ni Nikamon 'Tawaw Nipepimis'. Book review 118
When Wolves Howl. Book review 101
Wicked Nix. Children's review 104
Wild Buildings and Bridges: Architecture Inspired by Nature. Book review 106
Winnie's Great War. Brief article 108
You Are the Everything. Book review 109
You Hold Me Up/Ki Kihceyimin Mana NE. Book review 120

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