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Best's rating changes.

This edition of Best's Rating Changes reflects all rating changes--assignments, changes or placed under review--that occurred for life, health and property/casualty insurers domiciled in North America, as well as international insurance companies, since this section last appeared in the December 2004 edition of Best's Review.

See page 13 for the current Guide to Best's Financial Strength Ratings or visit the A.M. Best Co. Web site at for detailed rating definitions. The A.M. Best rating of any company and basic company information also are available free of charge at
Ratings Changed

Rating Current Previous
Action Company Name & Domicile AMB# Rating Rating


- Banner Life Insurance Company 06468 A+ A++
 US: Maryland

+ Co-operators Life Insurance 06290 A A-
 Company Canada: Saskatchewan

 NationalCare Insurance Company 68084 NR-5 A-
 US: Oklahoma

+ Sierra Health & Life Insurance 07370 B++ B+
 Co Inc US: California

- Trans World Assurance Company 07136 B++ A- u
 US: California

- William Penn Life Insurance Co 06734 A+ A++
 of NY US: New York


+ Health Plan of Nevada Inc 68619 B++ B+
 US: Nevada

New Metrowest Health Plan Inc 64459 E C pd
 US: Texas

+ Rocky Mountain Health Maint Org 64312 B pd B- pd
 Inc US: Colorado


 AXA Corporate Solutions E&S 10785 NR-5 A- u
 Lines Ins Co US: Delaware

 Crum & Forster Underwriters Co 01899 NR-5 A-
 of Ohio US: Ohio

+ Direct General Insurance Company 11947 B B-
 of LA US: Louisiana

 Fidelity National Title Ins Co 12062 NR-5 A
 of NY US: New York

+ Granite Mutual Insurance Company 00427 A A-
 US: Vermont

 Kemper Indemnity Insurance 12183 NR-5 D
 Company US: Illinois

 Kemper Surplus Lines Insurance 12229 NR-5 D
 Company US: Illinois

- Liberty American Insurance 12239 A- u A+
 Company US: Florida

+ Manufacturers Alliance Insurance 02626 A- B++ u
 Company US: Pennsylvania

- Mobile USA Insurance Company 10698 A- u A+
 US: Florida

- Nationwide Indemnity Company 11664 B+ u B++
 US: Ohio

+ Nonprofits' Insurance Alliance 11845 A A-
 of CA US: California

+ Northern Security Insurance 02546 A A-
 Company Inc US: Vermont

 Pacific Eagle Insurance Company 10627 NR-5 D
 US: California

+ Peace Hills General Insurance 86955 B B-
 Company Canada: Alberta

+ Pennsylvania Manufacturers Assoc 00760 A- B++ u
 Ins Co US: Pennsylvania

+ Pennsylvania Manufacturers 01733 A- B++ u
 Indemnity Co US: Pennsylvania

 Philadelphia Insurance Companies 00476 NR-5 A+
 US: Pennsylvania

+ PMA Insurance Group 18200 A- B++ u
 US: Pennsylvania

 TIG Lloyds Insurance Company 02863 NR-5 B+
 US: Texas

- Toa Reinsurance Company of 01730 A A+
 America US: Delaware

New USAuto Insurance Company Inc 11832 B NR-2
 US: Tennessee

+ Vermont Mutual Group 00951 A A-
 US: Vermont

+ Vermont Mutual Insurance Company 02547 A A-
 US: Vermont

New Village Auto Insurance Co, Inc 12544 B NR-2
 US: Georgia

- Wayne Cooperative Insurance 10531 B++ A-
 Company US: New York

New Wellington Specialty Ins Co 10092 A-
 US: Arizona

New Westmerica Insurance Company 72129 B++
 US: Colorado


- Legal & General Assurance 84279 A+ A++
 Society Limite United Kingdom

 Lloyd's Syndicate 1243 48321 NR-3 A s
 United Kingdom

 Munich Reinsurance Company of 86474 NR-5 A+
 Africa Ltd South Africa

 New Primary Insurance Company 77341 B++
 Ltd Ireland

 Tryg-Baltica Insurance, 86161 NR-3 B++ u
 Internatl Ins Cc Denmark

Ratings Under Review

Rating Current Previous
Action Company Name & Domicile AMB# Rating Rating


U Dixie National Life Insurance 06730 B u B
 Company US: Indiana

U Standard Life Insurance Company 07073 B u B
 of IN US: Indiana


U Florida Select Insurance Company 11869 B u B
 US: Florida

U Hawaiian Insurance & Guar Co, 11581 B u B
 Ltd US: Hawaii

U Omaha Property and Casualty 01860 A- u A-
 Insurance Co US: Nebraska

U Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance 03616 A+ u A+
 Company US: Pennsylvania

U Philadelphia Insurance Company 00763 A+ u A+
 US: Pennsylvania

U Shelby Casualty Insurance 02277 B u B
 Company US: Illinois

U Shelby Insurance Company 00832 B u B
 US: Illinois

U Texas Select Lloyds Insurance 11082 B u B
 Company US: Texas

U Unique Compagnie D'Assurances 87101 B++ u B++
 Generales Canada: Quebec

U Vesta Fire Insurance Corporation 04407 B u B
 US: Illinois

U Vesta Insurance Corporation 01813 B u B
 US: Illinois

U Vesta Insurance Group 05681 B u B
 US: Alabama


U Zurich Specialties London 86263 A u A
 Limited United Kingdom

Rating Action: (+) or (-) Rating upgraded or downgraded; (New) Assigned
initial rating: (u) Rating placed under review
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