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LSA or Legacy? Costs Compared. Jun 1, 2020 2931
Which GoPro? As Always, It Depends. May 1, 2020 1729
Why Engines Quit: Failures Are Avoidable. Apr 1, 2020 2922
TBM 940: Maximum Automation: Garmin's autothrottle opens the door to the next big step: Emergency autoland that will keep the TBM competitive with Piper and Cirrus. Mar 1, 2020 1961
LSA Gyroplanes: FAA Warms to the Idea: Long relegated to kit-only status in the U.S., certified gyroplanes are available and will eventually achieve SLSA status. Jan 1, 2020 1397
Cirrus Builds a Trainer: TRAC Excels at Speed, Payload: With demand heating up, Cirrus wants to expand its presence in the trainer market. It'll have to go head to head with Cessna, Piper and Diamond. Dec 1, 2019 2238
Sporty's PJ2 Radio: Inexpensive VHF: The portable VHF radio market has a quiet backwater, but Sporty's sees sales in a stripped-down, easy-to-use comm-only model. Nov 1, 2019 1204
Icon's Reality Check: Demand is Elusive: Icon launched the A5 with a bold stroke, envisioning disruptive volume. But it's had to retool and retract in hopes of modest growth. Oct 1, 2019 2818
Texas Colt: Big Airplane Handling: Many LSAs are hobbled by too-light control forces, making them iffy trainers. The Colt feels like a Cessna 150 and with a docile stall. Sep 1, 2019 2383
Alpha Electro: One Fish, Small Pond: Surprisingly, even though hobbled by lagging regulation, Pipistrel is still building and selling an improved electric trainer. We found it fun to fly. Aug 1, 2019 969
AeroVonics Gyros: Capable, Inexpensive:With creative, flexible design, these combined displays offer impressive features at low prices. The smaller of the two fits into a standard clock hole. Jul 1, 2019 927
Electric Airplanes: Are We There Yet? Closer, but no cigar. Although certification rules are finally in place (mostly), the economics of e-flight remain murky. Green might not be cheap. Jun 1, 2019 2234
Diamond's DA50, Flight Design F2, F4: Diamond resurrected DA50 development with a Continental CD-300 diesel while Flight Design rolls out a modular approach to new singles. Jun 1, 2019 408
Garmin's Full Circle: Two New Panel GPSs: We thought we were done with standalone panel-mount GPS, but in the GPS 175 and GNX 375, Garmin sees a market opening. May 1, 2019 1616
MGF HUD: Credible Contender: This HUD is easy to use and works well, but do light airplane drivers really want the capability? MGF aims to find out. May 1, 2019 837
Cirrus at 25: A Safer Airplane? Data trends suggest that it is. The fatal accident rate is below average and CAPS has delivered. But serious landing mishaps still bedevil owners. Apr 1, 2019 1619
LED Landing Lights: Worth the Investment: Although they're not any cheaper than the last time we tested them, improved performance and safety benefits maize them a good value. Product/service evaluation Mar 1, 2019 2533
Higher LSA Weights: Not a Universal Thrill: Markets of all kinds detest uncertainty and although heavier light sports have appeal the rule is at least two years away. Industry overview Jan 1, 2019 1694
New ADS-B Portables: Price for Every Purpose: New products from ForeFlight, Dynon and Appareo offer a few new features with improved battery life as a plus. Buyers guide Dec 1, 2018 3504
BUYING LOGIC IN AN ILLOGICAL WORLD. Brief article Dec 1, 2018 330
More Low-Cost EFIS: Prices Tumble Lower; Startup AeroVonics has two multifunction instruments intended to replace vacuum gyros. Dynon adds syn vision to the new D3 portable. Sep 1, 2018 1269
LSA Accident Review: Nothing to Celebrate: Plagued by small-numbers syndrome, the light sport accident rate is clearly higher than that of legacy airplanes. But not so much to tank the ASTM idea. Report Aug 1, 2018 2932
Whither 100UL? Tested Fuels Fall Short: The FAA's PAFI called a halt to unleaded avgas testing and put out a call for more ideas. The outcome remains unsettled. Aug 1, 2018 1491
Levil BOM: Wind-Powered Backup: The BOM is a self-contained, self-powered external ADAHRS. Its real value may be more convenience than redundancy. Product/service evaluation Jun 1, 2018 1413
Vashon Ranger: LSAV2.0: While it's not cheap, the Ranger is generously equipped and mid-priced. Will respectable performance and a cavernous cabin make it a hit? Product/service evaluation May 1, 2018 1986
LSA Float Rating: A Flight Review Excuse: Under the sport pilot rule, seaplane training can net a single-engine sea class add-on or seaplane privileges for light sport airplanes. Apr 1, 2018 1309
Waco on Floats: Don't Call It Practical: For the owner who wants everything, the YMF-5F biplane on floats is an attention getter and a hoot to fly on and off the water. Product/service evaluation Mar 1, 2018 1693
Ovation Ultra: Fast, Efficient, Refined: Mooney bumped up the power, added a pilot-side door and tarted up the avionics and interior. For some buyers, the combination will resonate. Product/service evaluation Feb 1, 2018 2476
Rotax 915 iS: Incremental Power Boost: At 135 HP, the 915 iS expands the basic 900-series platform. Searey will offer it as an upgrade for kit aircraft and possibly S-LSAs. Product/service evaluation Jan 1, 2018 2390
Premier's Dakota Redo: Like New, Half Price: In the Dakota, Piper found a sweet spot for owners hauling lots of people and stuff. Premier wants to bring it bach with a nose-to-tail refurb. Product/service evaluation Dec 1, 2017 2181
Garmin VIRB 360: VR for Aviation: The 360 is easy to use and produces in-camera stitched footage. But at $800, it's a niche product that doesn't heat the VIRB Ultra 30. Product/service evaluation Nov 1, 2017 1528
The $60K Slide: Post Gear-Up Strategies: Whether it's your fault or not, your insurer will cover it. But when the check is cut, you'll do better if you stay involved in the repair process.. Oct 1, 2017 2945
Dynon goes certified: Skyview meet Skyhawk: Dynon's new certified line promises affordable competition against Garmin and Aspen. Expanded STC/AMLs are planned. Sep 1, 2017 1451
Lycoming rod SB: How large a problem? Lycoming says about 1300 factory engines are affected, plus an unknown number of field overhauls. Inspections are onerous. Sep 1, 2017 965
LED lighting: ever more choices: as LEDs get more efficient, they're gaining market share. Look for expanding applications, but not lower prices. Aug 1, 2017 2440
Altitude encoders: Cheaper if not smaller: as ADS-B demand ramps up, so go encoder sales. Price competition is fierce and Trans-Cal has responded with a new model. Jul 1, 2017 2144
Diamond gasses it: New singles planned: with three new models, it's going after Cirrus by reviving the DA50. One has a Lycoming FADEC engine, but SMA diesels are in the works, too. Jun 1, 2017 2161
Continental's big play: A new engine factory: despite an anemic market, Continentals Chinese parent has loosened up $40 million for a new plant. It's aggressive about gaining market share. May 1, 2017 1661
Bristell NG5 another LSA speedster: four times the fuel economy and a fifth the price of a new cirrus. If you want to go places, the Bristell will get you there. May 1, 2017 2108
Crumped crankcase? Lycoming cuts prices. Apr 1, 2017 2349
Daher's TBM 930: Max upset protection: Daher is determined to reduce loss-of-control accidents and the new G3000/GFC 700 combination is the most aggressive ESP yet. Product/service evaluation Mar 1, 2017 2809
Blackhawk Caravan: new vigor for old 208s. Product/service evaluation Feb 1, 2017 1850
Tecnam Astore: an LSA, but barely: that's because its performance, avionics and options make it rival certified aircraft in everything but price. Product/service evaluation Jan 1, 2017 1872
Action cam mounts: NFlight, MyPilot excel. Product/service evaluation Jan 1, 2017 665
Action cam trials: VIRB ultra crushes it. Product/service evaluation Nov 1, 2016 2673
iPad panel mounts: they beat kneeboards. Product/service evaluation Oct 1, 2016 1814
Diesel reset: improved economics. Aug 1, 2016 2057
Cub crafters XCub: high luxe, real speech. Product/service evaluation Jul 1, 2016 2861
Aera or app? No easy choice. Product/service evaluation Jul 1, 2016 2098
Diamond DA62: perfection at a price: at $1.3 million., we would expect this new twin to deliver comfort and performance and it does. The engines are the most refined diesels yet. Product/service evaluation Jun 1, 2016 2861
Mooney reset: cutting build costs. Apr 1, 2016 1795
Electric aircraft: are they for real? Cover story Mar 1, 2016 4032
Aftermarket visors: Rosen is still tops: but vantage plane plastics has competitive products for Cessnas and RAM's portable visor can accommodate any airframe, including taildraggers with tubes. Product/service evaluation Feb 1, 2016 1599
Nitrogen for tires? Benefits are elusive. Jan 1, 2016 563
Nextant's king air: faster, higher, cheaper. Product/service evaluation Dec 1, 2015 2415
Tecnam P2010: Skyhawk contender. Nov 1, 2015 2603
iLevil 2 SW ADS-B: improved GPS and traffic. Nov 1, 2015 2299
PT-6 overhauls: complex and expensive. Oct 1, 2015 3036
Carbon Cub amphib: quick off the water. Product/service evaluation Sep 1, 2015 2257
Pipistrel's Alpha Electro: electric flight realized. Aug 1, 2015 3498
Mooney reinvented: a new world trainer. Jul 1, 2015 2661
Inside Rotax: leveraged technology. Company overview Jun 1, 2015 2620
Pipistrel Alpha Trainer: light, efficient, innovative. Product/service evaluation Apr 1, 2015 2167
Legacy light sport: Cub vs. Champ. Product/service evaluation Mar 1, 2015 2921
Lycoming 2.0: survival in a harsh market. Feb 1, 2015 3113
Groppo trail: italy's affordable LSA: it's a modernized version of the cub idea. minimal panel choices tamp the price down. Nov 1, 2014 1840
Refurbed trainernomics: cheaper but not cheap: both AOPA's new 152 reimagined and redbird's red hawk drive down the cost of like new. but only a few schools sa they can make the numbers work. Oct 1, 2014 2796
Great lakes biplane: docile, sporty and fun: built by waco classics, this classic bipe is looking for a training and sport market. it's capable of more than casual aerobatics and it's a pussycat to land. Product/service evaluation Sep 1, 2014 2174
Gopro or garmin? hero outside, VIRB inside: both of these cameras are worthy choices and perform similarly for aviation photography. garmin's VIRB has the edge in ease of operation. Buyers guide Sep 1, 2014 2082
Continental Motors: aggressive on diesel: with a new six-cylinder in certification and a capital infusion into the germany factory, continental is making a huge bet on jet a-burning piston engines. Aug 1, 2014 3253
Pipistrel Panthera: a retrac for the new age: it hasn't hit its speed marks yet, but the panthera is docile, comfortable and economical. a new engine will improve its runway performance. Product/service evaluation Jul 1, 2014 269
Piper's new diesel: economy, princely price: The Archer DX delivers good performance and economy and makes sense as a trainer where avgas is unavailable. It needs a higher TBR for the U.S. market. Product/service evaluation Jun 1, 2014 2488
Small-engine overhauls: affordable, supportable: engines that haven't been made for 50 years or more are still remarkably overhaulable, if not necessarily cheap. Continental's A-65 is a favorite. Apr 1, 2014 2150
Shell's unleaded avgas: a major weighs in: the company predicts a two-to three-year appval cycle for a fuel it says has been under development for a decade. Feb 1, 2014 1240
Skycatcher's demise: cessna says no future: but it will sell off airplanes still in the pipeline and continue to support those in the field. Overall effect on the LSA market seems to be utter indifference. Jan 1, 2014 2111
The refurb game: it's gaining momentum: with new aircraft prices becoming increasingly unaffordable, the industry is responding with a vigorous refurb market. Dec 1, 2013 2502
Airworthy Autogas: will mogas fly this time: by blending mogas to meet Lycoming's SI 1070, Airworthy hopes to overcome bias against car gas and carve out a significant market. Nov 1, 2013 1920
Redbird's Redhawk: like new at a used price: Redbird wants to reset trainer aircraft economics by refitting older Skyhawks with a Centurion diesel. At higher TBRs, the numbers pencil out. Oct 1, 2013 2559
ECI cylinder failures: owners under the gun: a massive AD would remove 30,000 Titan cylinders from the field. But owners and shops question whether the FAA has proven a real risk exists. Oct 1, 2013 2071
Continental Thielert buy: aiming for dominance: rather than developing its own diesels, Continental Motors' purchase of Thielert and its tweaking of SMA's base engine makes it a major global Jet A player. Sep 1, 2013 2587
Rotax 912 iS efficiency: better than claimed: a year-long test by the company shows that the 912 iS delivers up to 30 percent better fuel economy than the 912 ULS. Its numbers rival diesel performance. Product/service evaluation Aug 1, 2013 1259
Buying ADS-B now: should you bother? Lots of owners are asking that very question. While there are benefits to buying mandate-ready ADS-B now, there may be more in waiting. Jul 1, 2013 2073
Diamond DA52: a six-place diesel minivan: it's bigger and faster than the DA42, but don't call it inexpensive. Diamond's probing a global luxury and business market niche. Product/service evaluation Jun 1, 2013 2571
Combined ADS-B/EFIS: impressive performers: the Stratus II is the top value but Sagetech's Clarity SV leads in performance and features. But don't rely on any of them for real backup. Product/service evaluation Jun 1, 2013 2434
Eclipse 550: a jet for a niche: the 550 is what the original Eclipse was supposed to be. Priced right, it may find takers among buyers looking for speed and economy. Product/service evaluation Apr 1, 2013 2730
Five top apps: WingX is a standout: but ForeFlight is our top pick for IFR. You won't go wrong with any of these, but the top three are more polished and feature rich than new contenders. Product/service evaluation Feb 1, 2013 2816
FK12 Comet: sporty, aerobatic: or at least it will be once it's re-engined with Lycoming's IO-233. Think of it as a mini-Pitts. Product/service evaluation Jan 1, 2013 2251
Piper matrix: speed sans complexity: piper hit on a winning formula when it yanked the pressurization out of the mirage. It continues to be a brisker seller, even in a soft market. Product/service evaluation Dec 1, 2012 2475
LSA accident survey: low fatals, high overall: seven years worth of data show that landing accidents among LSAs are higher than for GA as a whole, but fatal accidents match the overall average. Nov 1, 2012 2847
Super Legend: Lycoming 0-233 debut: with 115 HP and an aggressive prop, the Super Legend rivals Super Cub performance. A cabin door on each side makes it ideal for float flying. Oct 1, 2012 2352
Garmin GLO: dual-system remote GPS: it kicks up tablet app performance by receiving both GPS and Russian GLONASS. Long battery life makes it a practical accessory. Product/service evaluation Oct 1, 2012 444
The watch changes. Sep 1, 2012 620
Cessna's new diesel: SMA SR305's OEM debut: for a 16 percent price premium, the new 182 NXT will displace the Turbo Skylane. An early glance suggests that the numbers pencil out. Sep 1, 2012 2836
Dynon D1 Pocket EFIS: affordable backup: stick it in an empty instrument hole or on a suction mount and off you go. Internal battery and built-in GPS are plusses. Product/service evaluation Sep 1, 2012 966
Electric flight: think small, slow and modest. Aug 1, 2012 606
Your Li-ion future: promise, but risk too: lithium-ion batteries are coming to aviation, both as main starting batteries and for electric airplanes. But they'll require careful steps to reduce the fire hazard. Aug 1, 2012 2369
As cheap as it gets: legacy LSA / 4: it's fashionable to flee aviation because of cost, but for less than the weekly grocery budget, you can fly your buns off in a legacy LSA. Aug 1, 2012 1992
Avgas? What, me worry? Jul 1, 2012 673
Avgas replacement: FAA carves out a plan: after three decades of waffling, the FAA has set an 11-year timeline for an avgas replacement. But it will probably happen sooner, say industry sources. Jul 1, 2012 1930

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