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Bernie Sanders Allies Look to "Keep the Revolution Going" in Texas.

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Allies of former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders are launching a group aimed at influencing Democratic politics in Texas beyond the 2016 race for the White House.

The group, Revolution Texas, will promote causes at the state level that align with Sanders' priorities during his campaign, which included reducing income inequality, making college debt- and tuition-free, and overhauling the campaign finance system. Among those spearheading the effort is Jacob Limon, who served as Sanders' Texas state director.

The group is "going to be our effort to keep the revolution going" in Texas, Limon said Sunday. The focus of the effort, he added is, "basically, 'What would Bernie do?' for Texas candidates."

Revolution Texas was registered last month with the Texas Ethics Commission as a political action committee, according to state records. The group is accepting donations in the amount of $27, which Sanders frequently touted as the average size of contributions to his campaign.

One of the group's first projects was to raise money to send Sanders delegates to the Democratic National Convention, which is being held Monday through Thursday in Philadelphia. Limon and others are planning to formally announce Revolution Texas at an event Tuesday in Philadelphia.

Details are still emerging, but another person expected to be involved in the group is state Rep. Marisa Marquez, D-El Paso, Sanders' only known supporter in the Texas Legislature during the primaries. A number of organizers who worked on Sanders' campaign will also be part of the group, Limon said.

The Sanders campaign was particularly active in Texas long before the March 1 primary, hiring staff and opening offices as far back as November. Clinton went on to beat Sanders by more than 30 points in the primary, 65 percent to 33 percent.

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Date:Jul 24, 2016
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