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Bernard's beautiful buildings.

The two sites below may well have had pros at work but they have not been imbued with the urgency of that nice and talented bloke Bernard Tschumi at But first you try altering the text size and, bizarrely, only the site's email address grows in size--but only when using the browser Mozilla Firefox. Nothing at all, sadly for ergonomics, happens when you are using Internet Explorer. But that's the only serious gripe. The project pages are designed to carry a lot of different information: descriptive (and simply written) text on the left, a big image with eight thumbnails underneath--they expand to occupy the main image space above. Below this is a list of projects and on the right the other four site headings. Click on them and you go there, click on the Bernard Tschumi Architects strap at the bottom and it's back to the home. All this happens reasonably snappily and without any obvious indications of camouflaged uploading. And despite the relative richness of information it's all very clear. It is an exemplary site.
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Author:Lyall, Sutherland
Publication:The Architectural Review
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Date:Oct 1, 2004
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