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Bermuda's new trail for walkers, mopeds.

Bermuda's new trail for walkers, mopeds

Bermuda's lush terrain, serene seascapes, and colorful colonies of homes are all part of the changing scene when you go on a walking or moped trip along a former railroad right-of-way. The 19-mile route winds along three of the seven interconnected islands that make up Bermuda, a self-governing dependency of Great Britain. In a few sections it joins narrow, often congested roads--but most of the way it follows a car-free route past quiet bays, limestone cliffs, small farms, and groves of cedar, allspice, and fiddlewood.

From 1931 to 1948, the Bermuda Railway pulled passengers between the quiet village of Somerset, on Bermuda's west end, and the former colonial capital of St. George, on the east end. Victim of both the automobile and soaring maintenance costs, the railroad was sold in its entirety to Guyana. In 1984, the government began to clear, sign, and pave sections of the abandoned route.

For anyone 16 or over, mopeds are a good way to explore the trail; you can rent them at many hotels for about $15 a day, including helmet. Whether riding or walking, you'll pass historic forts, coraltinted beaches, and bird sanctuaries, where you might see nesting longtails (they also adorn the local 25-cent piece).

A new folder has maps of the trail, lists access points, and details the sights along the way. It's available free at most hotels, or write to Department of Tourism, 34 Church St., Hamilton 5-24, Bermuda.

Photo: At limestone cut near St. George, hikers and moped driver can share wide trail amicably. Trail is paved in other stretches
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Date:Feb 1, 1988
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