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Berlin brings a breath of fresh air to commercial office spaces.

Newly discovered controls and some innovative solutions are a breath of fresh air for building owners, managers and tenants grappling with the age-old problem of poor indoor air quality. To hear Craig Berlin, the founder of Chute Master Environmental Services, Inc. talk about it, there are, in fact, many options now available to rid a building's interior of undesirable odors and pollutants. He should know. His firm manages indoor environments with comprehensive programs that include maintenance and cleaning of trash/linen chutes, HVAC and air ducts, exhaust vents, and carpets, as well as odor control. With the methods and treatments that Berlin has developed, many find his expertise heaven scent.

"Despite escalating public concern over airborne contaminants, odors and irritants, apartment building owners, managers, and even tenants, can forget that while residents may feel anonymous within a large residential building, they do share a lot with their neighbors," Berlin explains.

On a daily basis, trash chutes can amass not only food particles but also the remnants of cooking and other organic substances that can attach themselves to the chute walls, doors and access areas. Not surprisingly, given time, the agglomeration can emit unpleasant odors.

Then, there are air ducts which themselves accumulate dust, dirt, pollen, animal dander and other airborne contaminants every day. Of course, if the ducts have not been cleaned for long periods or have never been cleaned, these contaminants will build up, becoming the breeding grounds for mold spores, bacteria, fungus, mildew and other microbes, according to Berlin.

"In today's competitive environment, management companies and boards are appreciating the value of a comprehensive indoor environmental program that makes the building safer, healthier, and more pleasant to live in. Resident satisfaction is crucial in today's market," says Berlin.

In response, Chute Master has established a patented methodology for the cleaning of trash chutes, utilizing the building's standard water and electric connections, as well as proprietary chemicals. In addition, the company has a wide variety of High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA)-powered air duct cleaning systems to ensure that proper equipment is used for specific situations.

"The combined cleaning of hallway exhaust vents and maintenance of roof fans also can make a dramatic improvement in a building's ability to breathe," states Berlin.

For owners, there are two key benefits of an indoor environmental maintenance program. A well-managed building translates directly to the bottom line, where there is a dramatic cost saving that clients recognize, according to Berlin. "Heating and air conditioning will work more efficiently, and owners experience an immediate drop in overall costs when services are grouped and per- formed regularly," Berlin said. "Also, proper indoor air quality maintenance reduces turnover and liability because the tenants are much safer, happier and healthier."

"Litigation brought by tenants against management companies and property owners has more than tripled. This, coupled with the media's escalating focus on incidents such as laundry room and trash chute fires, has done a great deal to increase the awareness and importance of building maintenance," Berlin emphasizes. "Thus, comprehensive indoor environmental programs are a timely solution."

To date, many property managers and owners have taken advantage of Chute Master's complimentary inspection to document the condition of their properties. The report allows the management company and board to make better educated decisions as to which program may best suit their needs.

Naturally, the same benefits apply to commercial properties as well. Chute Master services many of the premier building and management companies nationally, and is now expanding from office buildings to retail facilities, hotels, hospitals and schools.

Founded in 1993, Chute Master Environmental Services, Inc. is headquartered in Union, New Jersey, and has offices in 28 cities nationwide.
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Date:Jun 7, 2000
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