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Bergman, Hjalmar (Frederik Elgerus).

Bergman, Hjalmar [Frederik Elgerus]

(1883 - 1931) Swedish novelist, dramatist, and short - story writer. An expressionist similar in many ways to Strindberg, Bergman found his first major success with the novel Markurells i Wadkoping (1919; translated as God's Orchid, 1923), which was followed by Farmor och var Herre (1921; translated as Thy Rod and Thy Staff, 1937) and Chefen fru Ingeborg (1924; translated as The Head of the Firm, 1936). His early plays were tragedies in the style of Maeterlinck, although he became best known for such ironic comedies as Petrasket (1928; translated as The Baron's Will, 1968), about a Jewish businessman. Essentially pessimistic about the human condition, he used tragi - comedy or comedy as a foil for his evident despair.

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Date:Jan 1, 1987
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