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Berghoff Light available to consumers.

Berghoff Light available to consumers

Berghoff Light beer, the most recent addition to the Berghoff-Huber family of beers, was introduced last week by Fred Huber and Herman Berghoff of the Monroe, WI-based Berghoff-Huber Brewing Co.

The regional brewer has been producing the flagship Berghoff brand for over 25 years exclusively on draft, a spokesperson said, and only began bottling the European-style product in 1987. This is the first low-calorie beer to bear the Berghoff name.

"This outstanding light beer is brewed with the same care, ingredients and fine workmanship as our other Berghoff-Huber products," Huberexplained. "Berghoff Light beer is unique among light beers in that our brewmaster ages it for almost eight weeks to give it a mellow, satisfying, true-beer flavor, unlike any other light beer."

Berghoff Light now joins Berghoff, Berghoff Bock and Berghoff Dark, which was awarded the Bronze Medal at last year's Great American Beer Festival.

Huber noted that he plans to systematically expand Berghoff, which is distributed primarily in the Midwest, into additional markets and eventually into national distribution.

"We want to move into new markets in a controlled manner," Huber stated. "We know we have a winning product because of the extra time and care we take in the brewing process and the no-compromise attitude we have on the quality of the ingredients. Our Berghoff beers represent one of the great values available to today's beer consumer."

Huber added that Berghoff Light "turned out so well, it surprised even me. Beer drinkers who want to experience the rich, full taste of a truly great midwestern beer with a European accent, will be amply rewarded with our new Berghoff Light - a beer I am very proud of."

The new product is packaged in an amber bottle, enhanced with silver body and neck labels. The six-pack carrier further supports the product with the continuation of the silver theme.

PHOTO : BERGHOFF LIGHT BEER was introduced recently by the Berghoff-Huber Brewing Co., Ltd.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jul 2, 1990
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