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Berghoff Brewery serving a new stout.

Berghoff Brewery serving a new stout

The Berghoff Brewery & Restaurant in Chicago has continued its 104-year tradition of producing quality ales and lagers with the recent introduction of Berghoff Stout and Porter.

Berghoff Stout is very dark in color, and "combines the robust flavor of roasted malt with the bitter of hops boiled to perfection," explained Berghoff brewmaster Joe Pickett. "Fermenting at low temperatures with ale yeast produces unique fresh flavors. This stout is truly a world-classic."

The bartenders at the Berghoff restaurant will also mix a special "porter" for its customers. The concoction consists of half stout and half amber. According to Pickett, the mixing of an ale and stout was first practiced in London in the 17th century, and that tradition has been revived at Berghoff.
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Title Annotation:Berghoff Brewery and Restaurant
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Dec 23, 1991
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