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Bereaved Mother & Author Reveals What to Say (and Never Say) to Women on Mother's Day Who Lost a Child.

Pleasonton, CA, May 01, 2013 --( Typically Mother's Day is filled with flowers, smiles, and champagne brunches. But for the millions of women who have suffered the loss of their child, Mother's Day is no picnic. Friends and family are often at a loss on how to handle the situation.

Everyone has good intentions and wants to be supportive. But, what really is appropriate? And what (even unintentionally) hurts more than helps? Should you send a Mother's Day card? Or should you let it roll by without mention for fear of doing the wrong thing?

Bereaved mother and author of Butterflies from Heaven, Jennifer Minnite offers concerned friends and family heartfelt advice on what to say to women on Mother's Day who have lost their child:

* Do call her before Mother's Day to send love and support. Often the week before Mother's Day is worse than the day itself.

* Do offer to take her out before Mother's Day for relaxing time away. She might be dreading May 12 and welcomes a distraction.

* Do send a Mother's Day card with a loving message that acknowledges her as a mother. Even though she lost her child, she is still a mother.

* Don't ignore Mother's Day for fear of upsetting her. Even if she “can't talk about it”, your loving acknowledgment will be felt in her heart.

* Don't feel responsible to make it all better and overdo it. Ask her how she would like to spend Mother's Day. Support her in doing that.

* Don't give advice on to handle Mother's Day. Her grief journey is a personal process. Sometimes, all she needs is a hand to hold.

About Jennifer Minnite

Dedicated to giving families comfort, healing, and hope for the future, Jennifer Minnite wrote her book Butterflies from Heaven after going through her grief process when son passed away just 12 days after he was born. Her book is recommended by social workers, counselors, and teachers and is available online and in 22 Kaiser Permanente hospital bookstores. She's available for powerful interviews in the US and internationally about how to heal the heart again after a death in the family - especially the death of a child.

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Date:May 1, 2013
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