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Ever Use a TI X2SON Packaged Part? Newer components need custom footprints. Nov 1, 2018 296
Top 5 Ways to Mitigate Component Availability Problems: Check with your EMS each time before sending your BoM. Sep 1, 2018 729
Electronics Manufacturing Files: What We Need: Newer intelligent CAD output files reduce errors. Feb 1, 2018 532
Power Distribution -To Route or to Plane PCBs: Tips for avoiding EMI and simplifying debugging. Jan 1, 2018 297
The Ideal Bill of Materials: A user's guide to clear communication of parts and intent. Dec 1, 2017 423
QFN center pad revisited: excessive solder on the pad could result in a floating part. Sep 1, 2017 358
Never take pin numbering for granted: for some switches, numbering can vary based on how the part is mounted. Jul 1, 2017 265
HAL: for big parts only: when choosing smaller parts, consider ImAg or ENIG instead. Jun 1, 2017 534
What makes a good fiducial? It all comes down to contrast and positional accuracy. May 1, 2017 403
Surface mount power component footprints: mask the pins to keep solder where it belongs. Mar 1, 2017 400
7 cost reduction design tips for makers: getting top-notch product doesn't mean paying the highest price. Dec 1, 2016 481
Accursed diode marking: always check the datasheet before marking a part. Oct 1, 2016 332
Where to put panel tabs: first rule of panel tabs: keep them away from connectors. Sep 1, 2016 344
Fiducials and odd boards: not all boards need fiducials, but they do come in handy on challenging boards. Jul 1, 2016 328
How should you mark your diodes? Steps to avoiding ambiguity when identifying current flow. Jan 1, 2016 317
Those danged LEDs again: avoid the trap: confirm the polarity on LEDs. Nov 1, 2015 525
Via-in-pad--why and how: when space or heat constraints force your hand, here's how to implement it. Aug 1, 2015 269
Component footprint rotation: just when do the data need to go to the placement machine? Apr 1, 2015 247
Do you need that part, or is it just habit? Rethinking the design can lead to fewer passives and a smaller board. Feb 1, 2015 407

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