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Benefits to Anglicans.

* Regarding "Women priests carry on despite Vatican" (NCR, June 27): The irony in the Vatican's ban on ordaining Catholic women as priests is that our popes have conferred stoles and put rings on the fingers of non-Catholic Anglican bishops whose church continues to endorse everything the Catholic church bars. All the while the pope won't grant his own Catholic people so much as a hearing, never mind a papal ring or a stole, to discuss the aforementioned issues. Never has the Holy See suggested Anglicanism repudiate women's ordination or disavow it in order to facilitate intercommunion between the two churches. It insists only that Anglicanism accept Catholic doctrines about Mary, papal infallibility and other things Catholic women who want to be validly ordained already accept. Preposterously, it suggests that the Holy See ultimately wants to give Anglicans the benefits of receiving a Catholic Eucharist without the barriers it currently imposes on Catholic women. I hope I am wrong.


Easton, Mass.
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Title Annotation:LETTERS
Author:Chichetto, James
Publication:National Catholic Reporter
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Jul 25, 2008
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