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Benefits of human papillomavirus vaccine.

The quadravalent human papillomavirus vaccine (qHPV) is promoted as a way to decrease the incidence of cervical dysplasia, a precursor to cervical cancer, and anogenital warts. A recent retrospective study of Canadian eighth graders compared the incidence of cervical dysplasia and anogenital warts two-to-four years later in girls before and after the qHPV became available.

The researchers enrolled 131,781 girls in the eighth grade before the initiation of an immunization program in Ontario and another 128,712 girls in the eighth grade enrolled In the immunization program.

There were 2,436 cases of cervical dysplasia and 400 anogenital warts when the girls were in the tenth-to-twelve grades. The incidence of dysplasia was reduced by nearly 45% in the immunization group and around 10% for anogenital warts.

This lends support to those who advocate all teens receive the quadravalent human papillomavirus vaccine.

Pediatrics, 05/15

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Publication:Pediatrics for Parents
Date:Sep 1, 2014
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