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Benefits of affiliation: the National Rehabilitation Association.

How many times have you heard a coworker or colleague comment, "I belong to NRA but I don't know what I'm getting for my membership dues," or "I'm thinking of joining NRA but how does it relate to me?" Oftentimes persons simply don't realize the wealth of benefits associated with NRA membership. Of equal import are the many ways members can contribute directly to the field of rehabilitation, while connecting more closely with other committed professionals across the country.

The field of rehabilitation has over the years evolved to encompass many specializations. This is in part due to the development and refinement of medical technologies proving as catalysts for the rehabilitation profession to develop accordingly. Mindful of change, the National Rehabilitation Association offers comprehensive benefits designed to respond to the needs and interests of wide ranging subspecialties within the field:

* Journal of Rehabilitation

* Publications

* Contemporary Rehab Magazine

* Legislative Representation

* Leadership and Management Opportunity

* Division Affiliation

* State and Regional Chapters

* Annual Training Conference and Exhibit

* National Employment Network

* Awards Program

* Financial Services and Insurance

Journal of Rehabilitation

The Journal of Rehabilitation, published quarterly, is the most widely distributed professional periodical in the field of rehabilitation. Journal articles provide current information and research on topics such as rehabilitation engineering, service delivery system analysis, diversity, and counseling style and strategy.

Additionally, the Journal contains articles of general interest, book reviews, special features, association activity reports and product advertisement. Members can also look forward to an occasional special issue which emphasizes and explores one topic of broad interest.

The Journal is an outstanding research and teaching reference, as well as a source of opportunity for those wishing to submit articles for publication. Submitting research activity and outcome is a wonderful way to contribute to the cumulative body of knowledge in the field of rehabilitation. Through such contribution research is disseminated efficiently across the country and world.


In addition to the Journal, a variety of special publications and monographs are offered to association members. One of the more popular is the annual Mary Switzer Seminar Monograph. Whenever possible, NRA collaborates with publishers and editors to arrange discounted rates for its members.

Contemporary Rehab Magazine

Published six times yearly, Contemporary Rehab is the key medium through which association members receive current national rehabilitation information as well as membership and individual chapter news. Topics include

* Federal funding information

* Congressional highlights

* National and Regional Association events

* Special activity calendar

* Conference and training schedules

Legislative Representation

NRA represents its members by providing congressional testimony related to disability, vocational and rehabilitation policy. It also has an extensive legislative volunteer telephone/fax tree which communicates time sensitive information across the country.

Additionally, the Association hosts the annual Governmental Affairs Seminar, which brings together members from across the nation in a united advocacy effort. Participants learn how to educate Congress and their local elected officials on issues critical to persons with disabilities.

Leadership and Management Opportunity

NRA represents several hundred leadership positions in its organization. Members have opportunities to participate on or chair task forces, councils or commissions. Also available are leadership roles within divisions, chapters or regions, as well as the national board. Many members have gained valuable hands on management/leadership experience that has contributed to job promotions, professional advancement, or new career paths. NRA also supports its leaders by holding Management Leadership Seminars annually.

Division Affiliation

NRA has nine professional divisions, and an association member may choose to belong to one or all divisions. Most have professional journals, newsletters, special activities and training throughout the year. The divisions are the:

National Association of Job Placement Development (JPD) National Association for Independent Living (NAIL) National Association of Rehabilitation Instructors (NARI) National Association of Rehabilitation Secretaries (NARS) National Rehabilitation Administration Association (NRAA) National Rehabilitation Counseling Association (NRCA) Vocational Evaluation & Work Adjustment Association (VEWAA) National Association of Services Providers in Private Rehabilitation (NASPPR) National Association of Multicultural Rehabilitation Concerns (NAMRC)

State and Regional Chapters

NRA Members automatically become members of State and Regional chapters which, in turn, hold conferences and sponsor training seminars around the country.

Annual Training Conference and Exhibit

The annual NRA training conference boasts a diverse range of cogent, timely sessions in such areas as rehabilitation technology, cutting edge rehabilitation methods and strategies, diversity, and future trends in rehabilitation. Participants can view the latest in rehabilitation products and services at the REHAB Exhibit.

National Employment Network

Job Bank U.S.A. offers members an opportunity to expand their professional careers by providing access to a nationwide employment network.

Awards Program

Each year NRA recognizes the achievements of individuals and organizations who make major contributions to rehabilitation and full integration of persons with disabilities.

Financial Services and Insurance

NRA members may purchase life and professional liability insurance at low-cost group rates. The Association periodically reviews these programs to ensure the best rates for its members. Members are also eligible to apply for the NRA Mastercard, as well as other financial management programs (CD, Loan, Mortgage) at favorable rates.

Remember... the next time a colleague inquires about the benefits of belonging to NRA, be sure to share with them your own endorsement through personal experience. Often the rewards that accrue through affiliation multiply beyond the tangible benefits listed above. To be sure, the many friends, colleagues and professional network contacts that develop will last a lifetime.

Evan Jones, CRC is a long-standing member of the National Rehabilitation Association. He has held several leadership positions in the Association including Chapter President, Regional President, State Division President, and National Division Board Member. Evan is employed as a manager with the Virginia Department of Rehabilitation Services.
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Title Annotation:Special Anniversary Issue 1925-1995: National Rehabilitation Association
Author:Jones, Evan
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Date:Jul 1, 1995
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