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Benefits of a listserv.

A listserv is a convenient way to get information, says Banasik. "The very nature of a listserv is uniquely adaptable to our lifestyles," he explains.

A listserv is unlike an Internet forum where users pull only the specific information they request. A listserv passively provides a variety of information into a user's inbox. Users can respond to the listserv with their own questions or solutions, and they learn new things they may not have known to search for or request information on. All users have to do is check their e-mail inboxes in order to receive information from a listserv.

Prior to closing Best Photo Imaging Center, Banasik had planned to take Bestphotolist to a private ISP for added stability. The listserv originally started out in a public forum on eGroups, but that supplier was eventually bought out by Yahoo so the listserv transferred suppliers. Having PMA sponsor the Bestphotolist provides funding for additional enhancements to the listserv and the stability of a private ISP.

The immediate effect of this sponsorship will ensure that Bestphotolist will survive for the long term, according to Banasik. Basic functionality will remain unchanged, and Banasik will remain as list moderator. Listserv members will still receive the list messages and replies as always, and basic privileges will be the same. The listserv will remain the "Bestphotolist" and current policies will not change. The PMA-sponsored listserv will be able to add some optional enhancements with other possibilities down the road.

For Bestphotolist members who are also PMA members, there will be additional content available on the header and footer of any message. There will be hotlinks for PMA resources. Some links will be standard, others will be customized links based on optional selections made. The listserv will now have the ability to place a hotlink on all received messages that will display the most current data when clicking on the hotlink.

The look of the Bestphotolist's standard template will change somewhat to accommodate these and other future enhancements, but the list dynamic will remain unchanged.

Any Bestphotolist members who are not PMA members will not have access to advanced customization, but will still have some additional content available. Current functionality will remain largely the same.

The new PMA Marketing Forum will feature an international flavor, gathering ideas from members around the world. Details will be announced soon.

More information can be found at

"We started [the Bestphotolist] because there was a need for people with digital labs to communicate," Bob Banasik said. "We really needed frequent contact with our peers to try to solve some of the issues that were coming up that were new to us."
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