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Benefits of Sprocket Feed and Friction Feed Meet in the New Gerber enVision (TM) 375 Plotter

SOUTH WINDSOR, Conn., April 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Gerber Scientific Products Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Gerber Scientific Inc. ( ) has set yet another product performance precedent. This time, with a specially engineered tabletop sprocket feed plotter that breaks all known performance records in its category.

Named the Gerber enVision 375, this compact 15-inch unit cuts at rates of up to 36 inches per second. Such record-breaking speed is possible through use of a new Gerber patent pending tool assembly design.

"Our new enVision 375 supersedes Gerber's current sprocket feed plotter line," commented Tom Gordon, plotter business unit manager, Gerber Scientific Products. "The new plotter's automatic tool settings make it easy for anyone to use."

He continued, "The industry has been waiting for a faster model, and we've delivered the fastest one yet. The plotter accelerates at 3 Gs. Thus, the enVision 375 combines the accuracy, reliability, and fast setup that only a sprocket feed plotter can give, with the agility of a friction feed plotter."

However, according to Gordon, speed is only part of the enVision 375 story.

The plotter's automatic tool/rule settings eliminate guesswork and errors by being able to set the correct cutting speed, acceleration, offset, and
force control based on the material chosen. It also offers easy material loading, via a unique new homing feature.

Plus users can take advantage of the following features:
 -- Precision material drive.
 -- User-friendly control panel display menu.
 -- Pause, view, and recovery system.
 -- Material shuffle.
 -- Superior bail/rollers system.
 -- Cut, pounce, pen functions.
 -- Replaceable cut strip.
 -- Open architecture (operates with design programs based on the
 HP-GL(TM) command set).
 -- Simple PC downloadable firmware upgrades.

Setup is minimal, requiring little training and allowing the machine to start producing within minutes of being removed from the box.

Basic functions like positioning the knife, changing settings, and starting/pausing jobs are performed by keys on the control panel. The easy-to-read LCD control panel allows default tool settings to be changed or custom settings to be created. The multi-job mode means up to 99 job repeats can be performed without having to stop and reinitialize the plotter. This interactive display offers status reports and menu choices to guide the user through each job.

During cutting, lifting the cover panel will automatically pause the job for inspection. Closing the cover will automatically restart the job without affecting it. Beta sites reported that they especially appreciate this ability to stop the job, move the material for viewing, check the output, and then resume.

In addition to these attributes, the Gerber enVision 375 is designed to work as part of Gerber's Matched Technology System(TM), the industry's only proven start-to-finish digital printing solution. Consequently, it interfaces seamlessly with the GERBER EDGE(R) digital color imaging system, enabling images to pass quickly and reliably from computer screen to printer to plotter. To further strengthen its Matched Technology System, Gerber has added plotter functions to its powerful GRAPHIX ADVANTAGE(R) 6.2 software, thereby allowing the user to adjust and save rule sets at the computer and "streamlining the production process to make the enVision 375 the truly optimal choice for cutting EDGE(R) graphics," observed Gordon.

"The Gerber enVision 375 will impress anyone -- as an update to a current EDGE system, or as part of a new system," stated Gordon. "Its many benefits are tailored to meet the needs, and surpass the expectations of, every Gerber customer. We believe the industry will be very excited about this product."

As part of the Specialty Graphics and Sign Making Products Group of Gerber Scientific Inc., Gerber Scientific Products Inc. is the industry leader in the development, manufacture, and distribution of automated sign making systems, software, materials, and accessories. Based in Manchester, Conn., the company operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of Gerber Scientific Inc., an international manufacturer of advanced automation systems for use in the sign making, screen printing, apparel and sewn goods, optical, automotive, monument, and aerospace industries. Gerber Scientific Inc. is a NYSE-listed company headquartered in South Windsor, Conn.

Gerber enVision and Matched Technology System are trademarks of Gerber Scientific Products, Inc. GERBER EDGE, EDGE, and GRAPHIX ADVANTAGE are registered trademarks of Gerber Scientific Products, Inc. HP-GL is a trademark of Hewlett-Packard Corporation.

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