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Benefits earned; You Say

A SURVEY from 2012, by the Institute for Fiscal Studies, puts paid to lies peddled by the coalition that we are a nation of scroungers.

But: 42.3% of claimants are pensioners, most of whom have paid contributions for their entitlement; 20.8% are low-paid people working for the minimum wage, and have to be supported by the taxpayer; 2.6% are unemployed who contributed to received unemployment benefit. Thus: 65.7% of benefit recipients actually contributed, or are contributing, to their benefit entitlements; 15.5% are sick or disabled; 18.4% of claimants are families; 0 .3% are widows; 0.1% of claimants are other. So 34.3% of claimants are unable to work due to illness or they are responsible for dependants.

The taxpayer is funding families with dependants, the sick and disabled, widows, and people in other circumstances, which any civilised country would do.

The remainder have funded their own entitlements by paying contributions each week when they worked.

Present and past governments may have wasted those contributions on wars or other futile enterprises, but the fact remains, most people on benefit have earned those entitlements by hard work.

Bob Roberts, Birkenhead
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Apr 19, 2013
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