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Beneficial effects of implementing an announced restaurant inspection program.

Essentials of Food Safety and Sanitation (Fourth Edition)

David McSwane, H.S.D., Nancy R. Rue, Ph.D., and Richard Linton, Ph.D. (2005)

This indispensable reference is designed to serve as a workplace guide to safe food-handling procedures. Completely updated in accordance with FDA's 2003 supplement to the 2001 Food Code, the new edition includes more photos and cartoon illustrations, new vignettes and examples, expanded appendices and index, and additions to chapter reference lists, including related Web sites. It can be used as a teaching tool for basic food safety training. Questions at the end of each chapter help students prepare for exams and classroom tests. Essentials of Food Safety and Sanitation also can be used to prepare for any of the national certification exams, including NEHA's C.F.S.P. exam.

440 pages, softcover. Member: $62.95. Nonmember: $68.95. Catalog #924.

Handbook for Safe Food Service Management -- Second Edition

Experior Assessments, LLC (1998)

This complete guide to serving safe food incorporates the hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP) method to help managers and supervisors implement safe food-handling procedures. It is a study reference for NEHA's R.E.H.S./R.S. exam.

The Handbook for Safe Food Service Management covers a number of key subject areas:

* recommended competencies for food managers,

* foodborne illnesses and the problems they cause,

* the HACCP approach as a food protection system, and

* management according to the fundamentals of food sanitation.

Materials have been reviewed and approved by sanitarians and educators. The book also identifies federal codes used as guidelines and suggests provisions for adaptation to state and local rules.

200 pages, softcover. Member: $82. Nonmember: $90. Catalog #490.

Library Corner is designed to supplement the articles in each issue by describing additional information resources pertaining to featured topics. If a particular Journal article piques your interest, check the Library Corner--more information may be available. For your convenience, the sources cited in Library Corner will be available for purchase through NEHA's online bookstore at For more information, please call (303) 756-9090, ext. 0.
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Date:May 1, 2007
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Beneficial effects of implementing an announced restaurant inspection program.

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