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Benchtop ellipsometer combines automation, ease-of-use.

HORIBA Scientific's UVISEL 2 combines a fully automated platform that includes a patented vision system, eight computer-selectable, achromatic spot sizes, and fast scanning, high-resolution monochromators, making it a suited solution for efficient and rapid thin film characterization over a spectral range of 190 to 2100 nm. The ellipsometer is designed as a highly automated instrument to provide automatic goniometer, automatic XYZ stage, automatic sample adjustment and automatic microspot optics. Microspots, combined with a real-time vision system, allow straightforward and accurate spot positioning on a sample. A selection of eight achromatic spots (down to 35 pm) allows the user to perform measurements on a broad spectral range, even with a small spot size. This system always allows an image to be obtained, whether on rough, smooth, transparent or reflective surfaces. HORIBA Scientific 732-494-8660

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Title Annotation:Product News
Publication:Laboratory Equipment
Date:Mar 1, 2013
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