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Benchley, Peter. Shark trouble.

Random House. 186p. illus. c2002. 0-8129-6633-3. $12.95. JSA

In this offspring of Benchley's 1974 novel, Jaws, he states he would not have written that book knowing what he now knows about sharks. This book is full of personal experience and anecdotal evidence to impress upon his readers the wonder and mystery of the undersea world. Advice about how to swim in the ocean and how to prevent unwanted encounters with the dangerous creatures of the deep is interspersed with accounts of close encounters with these very creatures occurring on his diving excursions for The American Sportsman television show and National Geographic writing assignments. It sets the record straight with supporting statistics about the media-hyped shark attacks in the summer of 2001. This would be a valuable tool to get junior high and high school boys involved in a little more demanding reading on a subject they find interesting. There are 16 pages of b/w photographs, mainly of sharks and the filming of the movie, Jaws. Benchley dispels a large number of myths commonly believed about sharks and advocates for their preservation. The book includes a short story about a fishing village that illustrates the ocean ecosystem and how it relates to humans who depend on it for their livelihood. It includes information on moray eels, killer whales, barracudas, rays, squid, and other sea creatures to "avoid" and "respect." Fast, informative and entertaining reading. Ann Hart, Trustee, Juniata Cty. Lib., Mifflintown, PA
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Author:Hart, Ann
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Sep 1, 2003
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