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Belt-cleaner accessories.

Three new accessories are available for Eliminator conveyor belt cleaners. Access doors and inspection doors offer alternative ways to cover access openings cut into conveyor chute sidewalls or guard panels, providing closure to suppress dust, prevent spillage and cleanup problems, and promote safety. The access door provides a hinged, swing-open door, mounted on an extended box frame to enclose Eliminator H-Type pre-cleaner installations where the cleaner pole bracket and tensioning mechanism are installed on the outside of the chute wall.

The inspection door is designed for chutes with restricted side clearance or as an economical way to enclose smaller access openings. A spray pole system controls delivery of water ahead of secondary conveyor-belt cleaners to promote more thorough cleaning and slower blade wear. It clamps easily onto the pole mount for supporting any of the secondary cleaners, and carries spray nozzles spaced on 12 in. centers, aimed at a 45 deg angle to the belt.

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Date:Oct 1, 2000
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