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Below cloud nine, climate change is real.

Many who listen to the propaganda released to protect oil company interests are told: Burning fossil fuels has no effect on climate change, because climate change happens from natural processes.

Those who listen to this propaganda will parrot what they hear, but they can't explain why. This is why they vote for voodoo policies that are responsible for economic depravation, environmental damage and jeopardizing our country's security.

I recall watching a science video about glaciers. Scientists removed long cylindrical chunks of ice from deep within ancient glaciers for chemical analysis, to find out what climatic conditions were like from the distant past to the present day. Their findings were as conclusive as fingerprints.

Scientists discovered climate change does happen from natural processes. Because of cyclic climatic change, the Earth goes into cooling and heating phases. Scientists have also discovered that, presently, we should be going into a cooling phase, but we are not.

This is reality. As the levels of greenhouse gases rise in our atmosphere, more infrared radiation is absorbed, trapping more heat. To deny the reality of global warming is just as ludicrous as saying, if you heave more coals into the furnace, it won't get hotter. I would like to convey a message to you people who believe this propaganda: Get the mush out of your heads. Do research. Read science books, science magazines and scientific reports. Come down from cloud nine, where nothing is real!


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Date:Oct 12, 2013
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