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Beloved airport cat Olly takes her final journey - and tributes pour in from all over the world; Slipping away at 10pm on Tuesday during one last cuddle from her devoted owner, ginger moggy Olly - or Olivia - succumbed to a lung infection.

Byline: Charlotte Cox

A cat adopted by staff after wandering into an airport eight years ago has died - sparking tributes from across the world.

Slipping away at 10pm on Tuesday during one last cuddle from her devoted owner, ginger moggy Olly - or Olivia - succumbed to a lung infection.

Vets had been battling to save her for days.

She will be remembered fondly by Manchester Airport staff who adopted her in 2007, as well as thousands of fans further afield.

Learning of the sad news on her Facebook page, hundreds of fans posted their tributes, reports Manchester Evening News.

Shay Logue wrote: "Terrible to hear that about Olly.

"A big thank you to your owners for keeping us informed about how you were getting on and looking after you so well.

"You meant a lot to so many people and were a popular little chappie! We'll miss you. RIP Olly Cat xx"

And Lisa FindSpirit Wasilewski added: "Oh Olly! So sad! Your legend will live on. Rest in piece little thing xxx"

Daniel Higgins said: "RIP Olly Cat, never has a cat had such an impact on so many people."

Rose Hudson added: "Aw, so sorry Ollie, missed our nighttime chats outside Olympic House when you left, but was so pleased to be your friend on FB.

"I've no doubt you will be patrolling rainbow Bridge with the same fierceness you patrolled M.I.A. Xxxxx"

Olly wandered into the airport in 2007, a one-eared collarless stray with no home to call her own.

She was named Olly after Olympic House - the airport's main office block - where she sheltered in a kennel outside, built by kind staff.

She was loved by staff and passengers alike, acquiring more than 1,500 friends on Facebook and even having a plane named after her.

She was the darling of adoring pilots and air attendants, receiving food parcels from far-flung corners of the globe.

In 2011, Olly, who was originally thought to be male, even received postcards from a mystery pen-friend.

Her airport career ended in 2011, when she was moved to her new South Manchester home with owner Jennifer - but her legacy lives on.

Jennifer, who was with Olly until the very end, said: "She was such a character.

"She loved her cuddles and she like waking me up at silly times in the morning in line with the buses that used to bring staff into the airport for their shifts.

"She was wired to get up for then because she'd get so many cuddles.

"I'm devastated, I was with her at the end."

Jennifer, an insurance manager from Northenden, says the messages of support have given her strength.

She added: "It's nice to know she was loved as much as that - I'm very privileged and honoured to have been chosen to look after.

"She made my home a brighter place."

Olly's Facebook page reads: "Hello all my wonderful friends.

"Sadly I have to tell you that I gained my 'wings' yesterday and I will be carrying out my security patrols and checking for squizzels over the Rainbow Bridge.

"The vet and my human have been doing their best to help me fight off a pneumonia type infection over the past few weeks, but I just wasn't strong enough to beat it.

"I want to thank all of you who looked after me, fed me, cuddled me and kept me warm while I was as at the Airport, I had some very good and caring friends."

Jennifer is planning to choose some animal sanctuaries for donations in Olly's honour.

A Manchester Airport spokesman said: "We are very sorry to hear the news that Olly has died.

"She built up quite a loyal following and fan base during her time at the airport.

"We hope she enjoyed her last few years away from the airport."
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Publication:Daily Mirror (London, England)
Date:May 7, 2015
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