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Bella, Nigella...

Byline: Jow Wise

NIGELLISSIMA with Nigella Lawson, where the celeb cook wanted to "prove that to cook fine Italian food you don't have to be in Italy unless you want the view".

Although the sight of a trim Nigella whisking up a treat in a figure-hugging dress that shows off her Colosseums may be all the view some of the BBC2 audience needs.

Because the pouting, lip-licking chef really puts the "oo" into cooking. And while she stretches the boundaries a bit (by, for example, admitting that cheesecake isn't particularly Mediterranean), who really cares? She even made a big vat of boiling fat seem sexy as she cooked off some tantalising-looking chips.

"One taste and it's kerpow!" she said. Who couldn't fall for that? Even if it's clear that Nigella hasn't let a chip or ounce of fat pass her lips in recent months, it's fair to say she looks good enough to eat.

And so we were seduced by an assortment of lip-smacking dishes that included a seductively sliced steak, pasta with fresh pesto and Nigella's meat-based take on a pizza.

"Now I am going to show you my mizza," she said.

Easy there, Nigella. Maybe those dresses are a little shorter than we bargained for.

The thing about watching her is that not only does she make the cooking seem easy and tasty, she makes it enjoyable viewing.

Of course, few of us will have a kitchen as outrageously glossy and high-tech as hers.

Likewise, few of us keep our icing sugar in an antique-looking tin.

And when our friends come over to visit, they won't be entertained in a candlelit little paradise that's joined on to our homes.

But that's OK. Because Nigella is almost asking us to poke fun at her and to see the funny side of it all.

"While the cheesecake is mixing, I am going to slink off," she teased. And no doubt change into yet another little number.

And so while we have the likes of Antony Cotton trying to cash in and show people how to cook on This Morning, Nigella's here to show us how the experts do it.

"My eggs in purgatory are absolutely heaven when you're feeling like hell," she told us.

And the same could easily be said for lovely Nigella and her Nigellissima show.
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Title Annotation:Features; Opinion, Column
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Sep 30, 2012
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