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Bell should toll for costly route.

logged up M6, swift and clear M6 Toll.

CIt should be no contest. But once you've been through the M6 Toll booth and turned a bit pale as you've paid up not far off PS7 for a car during daytime on weekdays, being stuck in a traffic jam might gain a certain financial appeal.

Let's roll back, and remind ourselves what the M6 Toll was supposed to do. It was supposed to take us into the sunlit uplands of a new and exciting era of privately financed roads, and at one fell swoop cut congestion on the M6 through the West Midlands and Birmingham. But it's so expensive that nobody uses it, unless they're on expenses, or feeling a bit flush.

There's now a call from council leaders for travel along the toll road to be made free, as a means to cut congestion.

In a sense the M6 Toll is already free because the taxpayers didn't pay for it and the people who do pay are the people who actually use it. What, some would say, can be fairer than that? To make it "free" would mean people who don't use it would have to cough up to pay for it. Nevertheless, it's absurd to have such an underused motorway.

Perhaps it really is time to make it "free" - and hang the expense.

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Publication:Express and Star (Wolverhampton, England)
Date:Aug 15, 2019
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