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Believers have done so much good for all; NOSTALGIA LETTERS&.

I'M not in the habit of writing to newspapers but was so incensed to read George Tyndale's article about religion I felt it my responsibility as a Christian to respond to the article denigrating a belief in God.

If it's taken you 40 years to come to that conclusion, I must say it's been 40 years wasted.

In all walks of life there are extremists who give religion a bad name, but look through the ages and there are generations of Christians who because of their faith have changed the course of history for good. I didn't see a mention of them in your article.

I am a Salvationist and would refer to a man like William Booth, who because of his faith in a God who loved him began an organisation that is now working in over 100 countries bringing hope to a despairing world.

I can't imagine Santa or the Tooth Fairy achieving quite as much, can you. He is only one of thousands who have changed the course of history because they believe in a God who loves them and are working for the good of others.

Just because you don't have a faith, please don't denigrate those who do.

I would add that God loves you too!

Joyce Coley, Halesowen

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Nov 1, 2015
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